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VIDEO: Mother and child saved from flash flood in Turkey

Video: Mother and child saved from flash flood in Turkey
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A video from Turkey has emerged showing two men rescuing a mother and her child who were swept away by a flash flood. The footage has garnered attention as it captures the intense and heroic efforts of the rescuers.

Video of heroic rescue effort of men saving mother and child from Turkey flood goes viral

People on Twitter shared the video on Thursday. Many gave shoutouts to the men for their heroic efforts.

Rescue teams recovered two additional bodies from two Turkish provinces that were already hit hard by a powerful earthquake last month. This recent flooding has increased the death toll in the area to 16, according to CT Insider.

Heavy rainfall led to flash floods in the provinces of Adiyaman and Sanliurfa on Wednesday. Streets transformed into rivers, resulting in the displacement of homes and campsites providing shelter to those affected by last month’s earthquake.

Unfortunately, the floods resulted in the loss of life, primarily in Sanliurfa, where rescue workers discovered the bodies of two people who had been reported missing on Thursday amid the mud and debris left by the floodwaters.

One person remains missing, and search teams are continuing their efforts to locate them, CT Insider reported.

Two people drowned in the floods and many remain missing in the area

In Adiyaman, two individuals tragically drowned when a container home, which was providing shelter for a family of earthquake survivors, was washed away by the floods.

Unfortunately, a nurse and her two-year-old child remain missing in the area.

Adiyaman and Sanliurfa were two of 11 Turkish provinces that were affected by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on February 6. At least 52,000 people died in Turkey and northern Syria due to the earthquake, Daily Mail reported.

In the meantime, a moderately strong earthquake with a magnitude of 4.8 struck the city of Bolu in northeast Turkey on Thursday. Many people reportedly ran out of their homes in fear.

While Bolu’s mayor, Tanju Ozcan, reported that there were no buildings damaged in the city. But several individuals suffered from panic attacks. Many people reportedly jumped from balconies and became injured.

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