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Warsaw recalls Eurocorps commander amid intelligence probe

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Poland’s defence ministry on Wednesday said it had recalled the Polish commander of the Eurocorps force, an intergovernmental European military body, and announced it was investigating the army general.

The ministry said military intelligence had opened a probe “regarding the personal security clearance” of Lieutenant General Jaroslaw Gromadzinski.

“Therefore, a decision was made to dismiss Lt. Gen. Gromadzinski from his position as commander of the Eurocorps,” the ministry said in a statement, adding it ordered his “immediate” return to Poland.

Eurocorps, a military body tasked with leading and coordinating multinational operations, was set up at the initiative of France and Germany in 1992, with Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland joining since.

Gromadzinski assumed the two-year rotating command of the Strasbourg-headquartered Eurocorps in June 2023.

The Polish defence ministry did not provide details on Gromadzinski’s case, but said the decision was made after military intelligence obtained “new information” regarding him.

It added that “another officer will be immediately appointed to the position” held by Gromadzinski to ensure the continuity of the functioning of the Eurocorps command.

Before becoming commander of the Eurocorps, Gromadzinski was notably an adviser to the chief of general staff of the Polish army.

In recent months, he served as part of the international assistance team for Ukraine in Wiesbaden, Germany where, alongside US service members, he was responsible for training Ukrainian soldiers.



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