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WATCH: US military shares videos of UFOs at rare Congressional hearing

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In the first public Congressional hearing on UFO sightings in the United States in over 50 years, military officials revealed new footage of what they call unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP, but nothing suggests the presence of aliens, according to media reports.

The hearing follows the release of a brief report on UAP by the director of national intelligence in June 2021, which resulted in the formation of a task force to investigate the issue.

The task force now has a database of over 400 UAP reports, according to Deputy Director of Navy Intelligence Scott Bray, who shared the clips recorded by military personnel during a 90-minute committee hearing in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

An unidentified triangular object can be seen in one of the videos taken in 2019 from a US Navy ship using night vision goggles. A later video of the same phenomenon was also captured from a different location.

Analysts believe the object was an optical effect “correlated with unmanned aerial systems in the area,” according to Bray. According to the report, that is most likely a drone appearing as a triangle due to the effect of light from the object passing through the goggles and then through the lenses of the SLR camera that recorded the clip.

Bray also shared a short video from the cockpit of a military jet in 2021 that appeared to show a spherical object for a fraction of a second.

“In many other cases we have far less than this,” Bray was quoted as saying. He later added that there is currently no explanation for the object.

“There are a small handful (of sightings) in which there are flight characteristics or signature management we can’t explain with the data that we have,” he said.

Bray also stated that the military has never communicated with, fired on, or collided with a UAP, despite the fact that 11 documented near misses were mentioned in the director of national intelligence’s unclassified report last year.

“UAPs are unexplained; it’s true,” Democratic Representative Andre Carson, chair of the House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and Counterproliferation Subcommittee, was quoted as saying in his opening remarks.

“But they are real. They need to be investigated, and many threats they pose need to be mitigated.”

According to the Verge, the Pentagon’s June 2021 report on UAP sightings listed five possible explanations for UAPs, including airborne clutter, natural phenomena in the atmosphere, top-secret US technology, or technology from foreign adversaries such as Russia and China.

The report also included a fifth explanation, “other,” which includes everything they are unable to explain. Those are the ones that continue to hold the public’s attention.

While Bray stressed that the UAP Task Force has not seen any wreckage “isn’t consistent with being of terrestrial origin”, they are focused on explaining the unexplainable.


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