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Wells Fargo customers’ direct deposits missing: reports

Wells Fargo fined $100 mn for sanctions violations

Wells Fargo customers have reported that their direct deposits were missing from their accounts on Friday morning, according to reports.

Reports of Wells Fargo customers missing direct deposits from their accounts

Customers took to social media to report that their direct deposit funds had disappeared from their Wells Fargo accounts which left some in the negative.

Many expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter, and questioned where their money is.

One person reported that he woke up to overdraft protection emails, adding, that Wells Fargo ”better have a good explanation because I had a paycheck yesterday.”

“This is likely the last straw for me with Wells Fargo,” another person posted.

A user even reported being “broke on payday” and not able to buy breakfast.

“Not only was my payroll deposit taken back after being posted to my account on Thursday, but my account is also now overdrawn by $1,200. I have bills due and groceries to purchase. Going to spend the day bank shopping I guess,” said one person., an outage monitoring website, indicates that a surge in users experiencing problems occurred at 7 a.m. on Friday morning. There were more than 400 detected reports.

A Downdetector user who has been with Wells Fargo for years posted that the bank has “been good to work with, but would be better if they used email to inform us all. My accounts are ok.”

Bank says customers’ accounts are secure

Wells Fargo sent a message to customers acknowledging the issue and saying that it may be due to a technical problem, and that they are working to resolve it.

The message on the bank’s mobile app and the website said: “If you’re experiencing an issue with our online services, we apologize for the inconvenience. We’re working quickly to resolve it.”

A Wells Fargo spokesperson provided the following statement to ThinkAdvisor: “Wells Fargo is aware that some customers’ direct deposit transactions are not showing on their accounts. However, funds in accounts are accurate and available.”

“Customers’ accounts continue to be secure,” they added.

The bank has not disclosed how many customers have been affected by the issue or provided any additional information about the cause.

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