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What if Restarting the Router Isn’t Working?

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You’ll find many articles on the internet about how restarting your router and modem fixes so many problems and explanations about how it is done. Still, you’ll rarely find an article that talks about what happens next if the restart isn’t working.

Most people will then call a professional IT company to come over to their location and fix the problem. These guys will do a thorough diagnose and find the issue before heading over to solve it. This service may cost a lot, and not everyone can afford it at the moment.

This is the reason why we’re talking more about the issue of restarting your router and modem and what happens next after this fails to solve the issue. If you want more details about it, keep on reading and learn more about why restarting a router is valuable and what to do if it fails.

What will restart do to your modem and router?

Restarting is valuable for many reasons, and no one can deny that. This is the first line of defense when you encounter a problem. Restarting can be done by using the special button that most of these devices have somewhere on them or simply pulling the plug and disconnecting it using the power switch.

With the disconnecting process, you get to reboot the modem or the router and make it work with its original capacity. Just like ordinary computers or smartphones, modems and routers also have their internal RAM used to process the tasks.

When your device works overtime, it becomes loaded with information, and it becomes hard for it to do everything properly. Clearing the cache means getting it back in its original position and making it work properly.

At the same time, the device will heat from work and needs to cool down a little to maintain maximum capacity and ability. A simple disconnecting will leave it to rest for a moment. Some modems and routers have their automatic rebooting sequence that we usually don’t see, as it happens when we’re not using them.

When you restart, your modems and routers will start working again with their maximum capacity and will become as fast as they can be. That will improve your end experience and make everything look faster and better.

How to handle issues when rebooting isn’t working?

There’s a list of issues that are not solvable after a simple restarting. There’s nothing you can do for some of them because the problem is not in your router or modem. Sometimes, the internet provider will be down or performing their rebooting sequence, resulting in no connection on your end.

This issue usually lasts a short time, from a couple of minutes and up to a quarter of an hour. If you still don’t have a connection after this time, you might need to check other potential problems. One great way to solve the problem of not having a connection is to check the wires.

Some might say this is a silly solution, but research shows that so many people are worried about an item not working only to realize that the cord isn’t plugged into the power socket. Check the lines and only then proceed to look for other solutions.

If the wires look normal, you should look at the lights flashing on the router. If only three of them are flashing, the problem is not within you but the internet provider. Call them and see what’s happening. They might not even be aware that something’s happening.

Another common problem is the factory reset that might have happened to your router when there was a power outage or something similar. In these cases, your device will lose all settings, and you might not get the connection because the computer and the router aren’t connected.

Go into the settings panel and set the parameters to default; add the password and your IP address, and you might get the connection back. If this isn’t solving the issue, you’ll need to call a professional IT company to help you and run a thorough diagnosis to find the issue. These guys will know how to find the problem and solve it immediately.


When you’re facing a connection outage, you might be facing something as simple as a need to restart your modem, but sometimes it is a much more complex issue. Use the advice we provided above, and don’t call the pros until you see all available options.

Call a professional IT company to help you only when there’s no way out. These guys usually come fast and solve the problem within minutes. They have a system of finding errors and fixing them, so you have nothing to worry about.


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