Which security extensions for the Chrome browser to select?

Which security extensions for the Chrome browser to select?
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Everyone is aware of the significant role of Chrome as the Google browser that has become exceptionally widely spread and well-known. It is very popular due to its security features, easily understandable interface, and the opportunity to gather and keep tremendous amounts of data.

It is not easy to make an adequate choice

Experts have proved that Chrome provides its users with a reliable set of security. It can even widen your browsing experience. Yet you should take into consideration that it is not really easy to select appropriate chrome browser security extensions.

There are quite many few of them that are capable of boosting your browser. Everybody who is willing to increase their effectiveness and productivity can opt for proper extensions. There are several basic categories into which reliable extensions are divided by experts:

  • Virus protection
  • VPN extensions
  • Managers of passwords
  • Tools for anti-tracking
  • Protection preventing from hostile programs
  • Settings for privacy backing
  • Data clearing
  • Concealing information concerning user agents, geolocation, IP
  • Commercials blocking.

The multifunctionality

Experts have confirmed that uMatrix is a reliable and mark-worthy extension. First, it is multifunctional. Therefore, it lets you successfully block as well as control scripts, the websites to which your browser is linked. It allows you to control downloading data either.

Extensions for ads blocking

Commercials increasingly tend to annoy Internet users worldwide. Therefore, we nowadays plainly witness their desire of them to find a way to get rid of ads or at least to noticeably restrict their aggressive interference. The truly effective help comes from the three widely recognized services:

  • uBlock Origin
  • ScriptSafe
  • AdBlock Plus (ABP).

The first from the list above should get first installed. Hardly anyone has not heard of that extension. It is tailored, customizable, and purpose-made. It successfully prevents you from visiting notorious domains containing hostile programs and lets you do the following either:

  • Successfully makeup desired lists: white, ignore, black
  • Show some suspicious elements of any web page
  • Block not only advertisements but also any junk like undesired pop-ups or questionable banners
  • Get the extension installed and just forget about it as it’ll handle ads without anyone’s assistance.

In case you opt for uBlock Origin, you doubtlessly get the far more flexible extension. However, you should make sure that you are rather capable of coping with it. This kind of extension is complicated especially for novices.

ScriptSafe incapacitates any execution of the scripts on web pages. It is an exceptionally forceful and flexible tool for advanced users. Unfortunately, ScriptSafe has proved itself to be aggressive and capable of breaking markup on any site.

Antitracking tools

Ghostery can be recommended as the appropriate tool that helps out with blocking websites from scripts as well as cookies. Once you just click on an extension’s button, it will plainly show what exactly it successfully managed to block. Its Enhanced Anti Tracking feature anonymizes your data, therefore, you get much greater privacy protection.

Disconnect Browsing belongs to those extension kinds that noticeably increase your privacy. It prevents social networking websites or Google from collecting your personal information and data on the whole. Privacy Badger is a reliable extension that gives you an opportunity to protect the browser proactively. There is a special button you can find on the browser bar. While using this simple tool, you can make reliable protection for your browser from undesired tracking.

Managers for passwords

This type of extension is necessary for keeping credentials secure. Password storage service provided with LastPass. Experts affirm that this extension is able to create a crack-resistant appropriate password. CKR is sort of an alternative to ChromeIPass. The client doesn’t need to get KeePass set up. It can pick up passwords from local databases, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Some experts find Blur to be an ideal extension to manage online passwords in an encrypted environment. It adds security features which makes it a better choice in comparison to the previous extensions when it comes to safe browsing.

VPN extension

If you seek dependable online safety, you should think about opting for a proper VPN extension. There are four types of it:

  • TunnelBear prevents the database from leaking when the device uses Wi-Fi
  • ZenMate is appropriate for encrypting traffic providing private and anonymous web surfing
  • Hideman lets you opt for several free VPN servers located in different countries
  • uVPN also helps you out with surfing and keeping your location, and IP secret.

Virus protection

If you need an extension that provides you with virus protection, you should opt for Dr.Web or Avast. Both of them are reliable and widely recognized. They prevent your browser from visiting
Compromised or infected sites.

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