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Zelensky ‘Glory to Urine’ New York video claimed to be fake

Digital mishap: Zelensky welcomed with 'Glory to Urine' message in New York
Source: Video Screenshot

According to a video circulating on the internet, President Zelensky was greeted with a message that was supposed to read “Glory to Ukraine” on a digital flag that ended up displaying “Glory to Urine.” But it turns out that the video was reportedly fake.

Microsoft analyst says Zelensky ‘Glory to Urine’ New York video was digitally altered

User @markiank on X suggests that the video in question is digitally altered, alleging it to be part of a disinformation effort. Markian questioned the ad’s authenticity based on his observation of the absence of scaffolding at the intersection of 42nd/8th in Times Square. According to Kuzmowycz’s bio, he works as a Digital Threat Analyst at Microsoft.

According to @markiank, Russian information operations have become more sophisticated, sometimes incorporating additional elements into their disinformation efforts. In another instance, a fabricated apology from ClearChannel was designed to resemble an Instagram message, although none of these events actually occurred. However, he agreed that some people found humor in the playful urine reference.

Many people shared the 6-second-long video on X. One person said “Maybe it was intentional!!!! 🙂 New Yorkers can be pretty blunt about their feelings hahaha.” Others shared memes in response to the typo, while some said it might not be a typo after all.

Zelensky visits NY to discuss with leaders about Ukraine war recovery

The President of Ukraine had a private meeting in New York City with some of the country’s richest business leaders. They discussed how to help Ukraine recover after the war.

JPMorgan, the biggest bank in the country, organized the meeting on Wednesday night. Some important people at the meeting included Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, Mike Bloomberg, who is a billionaire, Robert Kraft, who owns the New England Patriots football team, and Bill Ackman, who is a billionaire from a hedge fund.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and billionaire Barry Sternlicht were also there, according to sources from CNN.

Later this week, President Joe Biden will meet with Zelensky to discuss how the United States can assist Ukraine. This meeting comes after Biden and the US Congress have given Ukraine more than $75 billion in support since Russia’s invasion in February 2022.

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