10 Best Ways How To Spend Your Time When You Are Bored

Boredom happens to all of us. We are all familiar with the feeling when everything seems dull and uninteresting. This is the time when even your favorite shows or movies don’t look exciting anymore, and you are looking for some fun things to do.

In such a case, you have lots of online coin slots to play whenever you want plus there are plenty of other creative things you can try, which we have listed below.

1 – Listen to music

Music is a great way to alleviate boredom. Play some good songs and you will find yourself immersed in no time. Listening to the same music again and again could reduce its effect but a new song will revive your energy soon. So, tune in to an online radio program that will play new songs to beat boredom.

2 – Try making a new dish

Try making a dish that you have never made before by following the instructions from any online video or blog. You might not make a perfect dish at the first attempt, but your invested efforts and concentration will surely push away a sense of boredom. If you learn to make a new dish, you will also be filled with a new sense of achievement.

3 – Take a warm bath

You might not think much of this strategy but nothing works better to lift your mood than taking a warm bath. When you are wondering what to do, this is the perfect time to take a bath. Especially when it is cold outside, it is one of the most fun things to do.

If you want to take things a bit further, then turn off the lights, set some candles and also put on some music to increase the effect.

4 – Play a slot game

What to do when bored? The internet is the best answer to this question as there are endless things you can do on the web. You can watch funny videos, enjoy an exciting blog, read a thrilling book or just browse until you find something interesting. But nothing beats the best online slot machines which can be played for free in order to beat your boredom.

5 – Pick up a new hobby

One of the most creative things you can do is pick up a new hobby. You can create your own YouTube videos or start a podcast. You can even start a collection of something, such as Funko Pops, since there are plenty of resources out there such as a Pop Price Guide for them.  While writing, drawing and photography, etc. are some of the other productive hobbies that you can pick.

6 – Declutter your computer

You never find enough time to do this task during normal days. However, if you are wondering how to pass time, then it is a good time for you to declutter your computer.

First, look at your desktop and if you find more than ten icons on it, then that’s clutter and you need to tidy up. It is also a good idea to do an antivirus checkup to make sure everything is fine.

Also, this is also a good time to move all your important files, photos and videos to an external hard drive or the Cloud. This way, you can make sure that your important files are safely stored somewhere even if something happens to your computer.

7 – Read a book

This is probably the best way to pass your time and have fun. Pick up any detective novel and you will be lost in the story world for hours. You will look to interact with the characters and know their fascinating stories. Also, reading a book is highly productive, unlike many other fun activities.

8 – Share your thoughts with the world

In today’s world, it has become extremely easy to blog and share your thoughts with the world. If you are thinking about what to do to alleviate your boredom, then it is a good time to write your thoughts and share them with other people on the internet.

9 – Play a board game

Playing a board game or a card game like Classic Solitaire is also a very good idea to have home fun. Challenge your family to a board game and see how quickly your mood shifts. You can play a classic like Monopoly or you can try your hands on a newer game such as Settlers of Catan.

10 – Exercise

Everyone knows the importance of exercise yet for some reason only few manage to do it regularly. It doesn’t look like one of the most fun things to do, but once you make it a habit then you will love exercising.


Boredom can creep in at any time. Whether it is raining or snowing, it can come and sap our energy. However, there are plenty of activities that we can engage in to alleviate our boredom.


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Saman Iqbal

Saman is a law student. She enjoys writing about tech, politics and the world in general. She's an avid reader and writes fictional prose in her free time.

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