6 advantages of 3D modeling: why you should migrate from 2D modeling.

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Every company has a desire to achieve maximum heights in productivity and performance among competitors. In this case, it is very important to resort to innovation and technology in order to keep up with the times. Therefore, many companies find it more productive to switch from 2D modeling to 3D, as they have justified arguments in this regard.

3D modeling significantly expands the boundaries in the embodiment of the idea, compared with the standard and slower 2D modeling, as 3D allows you to instantly eliminate possible design, design and space allocation errors. In other words, this mechanism improves project efficiency, saves resources, increases production levels, and speeds up the time to market or customer.

The transition to 3D modeling is a rewarding process not only for the production engineer who wants to improve the quality of work, but also for new designers who come in to improve the product.
We propose to consider all the advantages that a person will meet after switching from outdated 2D modeling to an innovative approach – 3D modeling.

The 6 Most Important Benefits of 3D Modeling:

  • Optimizing cycles for idea design
  • Improved communication process at all levels
  • Accessibility and ease of design
  • Simple physical prototyping process
  • Finding Errors to Eliminate Consequences
  • High speed data management

Optimizing Cycles for Idea Design

To quickly and efficiently make changes and improvements to the project, 3D modeling software exists. 2D is much more difficult and slow to update, and this tool does not allow you to explore a lot of information and opportunities.

Moreover, money is a very important resource in the development of such a product; accordingly, 3D modeling saves money and allows you to launch the project on the market or show the result to the customer before anyone else.

Custom 3d modeling services are important for achieving personal goals in the project. They help create a unique product to the highest standards and also provide promotional opportunities.

Improved Communication Process at All Levels

This mechanism also improves the level of communication in your company, as it significantly speeds up the process of checking the project at the internal levels, and also increases the productivity in communicating with investors or customers.

3D modeling creates an accurate visualization of the idea, thus attracting the attention of both employees and customers. In 2D modeling, there is no ability to create animation, which does not provide a quick understanding of the product.

Accessibility and Ease of Design

The ability to create not only a 2D rendering of your product, but also 3D, which significantly increases the productivity and performance of the project. In addition, with the help of automated processes, you can easily communicate with employees and convey all the necessary information.

Simple Physical Prototyping Process

In order to create physical prototypes, you should look into 3D printing. This form provides the opportunity for the participation of several groups at once, namely designers, engineers and builders.
That is, the development and improvement processes of the product will be much faster and more efficient, and you will also be able to test your projects before starting production.

Finding Errors to Eliminate Consequences

Making changes or fixing bugs after the fact is very costly. However, 3D modeling immediately shows all the shortcomings of the idea, and accordingly you have more time to improve, and you also save your money.
The digital view of a project is much easier to check for design or quality issues in general, and reduces the need for physical prototypes.

High Speed Data Management

For efficient and secure data management of multiple product versions, you should also look into 3D modeling, as this tool increases the productivity of this process. And since 3D design improves the level of communication with all departments, that and data transfer will take place at the highest level.


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