7 Things About Relationships Men Need to Understand by the Age of 30

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Sociologists from the University of Utah conducted an unusual study and results showed that marriages after 30 years ruin much less often. This is because people understand some things only with age. So, how does life experience change our relationship behavior?

1.  People Really Need to Work on Relationships

20-year-olds boys often believe that if they manage to win the heart of a girl, she will stay with them forever. In fact, drifting apart is often much easier than improving relationships, so you need to work on it constantly. After 35 years, men already realize how crucial it is to devote time to their chosen one, to solve everyday problems together, and to compromise. This is where senior dating begins.

2.  Control Kills Any Relationship

In our youth, jealousy may even seem romantic; it is considered a sign of real passion. A mature person understands that a sense of ownership has little to do with love and trusts their partner.

3.  The Past Must Remain in the Past

At 20, it seems that there should be only one love for life, but by the age of 30 comes the understanding that everyone has a right to their story. Therefore, if in youth any contact with exes or just joint pictures can really make a guy worry, then a mature man treats the past philosophically: it is the past, only what is happening now is essential.

4.  You Need to Respect the Interests of Your Woman

It is easy to make fun of another person’s interests, especially when you are young. Books, music, social networks, movies, even embroidery or macramé — any hobby of a person may seem boring to someone. Young minds condemn what they cannot understand, often sharply criticizing the girl and offending her. A mature man realizes that everyone has a right to their hobbies, and this is at least dishonorably to animadvert the interests of the woman he loves.

5.  It’s Okay to Share Your Problems

At the age of 25, it seems that a man should solve his problems on his own, and asking for advice or help is a sign of weakness. An adult, wise man knows how crucial trust and respect are in a couple. So, if he has any difficulties, he can discuss them with his girlfriend. After 35 comes the understanding that love is impossible without friendship and trust, and marriage is about being together in sorrow and joy.

6.  Love Expresses Itself in Caring

Real feeling manifests itself in everyday life, in small things. At a young age, it seems that promises to be together for life or serenades under the moon are enough, that these are the things that demonstrate your love. Mature men know how to show their feelings in actions — to meet a girl in the evening after work or to make sure that she dresses warmly.

7.  Cheating Doesn’t Prove Masculinity

In movies and advertising, men’s success is often associated with numerous women around them. Immature minds believe in such toxic concepts about relationships, adding to them the theory of male polygamy. Guys say: “I’m a man, it’s in my nature.” With age, mature men abandon these harmful stereotypes and begin to value a harmonious relationship with one partner.

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