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All Philly liquor stores are closed today after yesterday’s looting in Philadelphia

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All Fine Wine & Good Spirits (liquor) stores in Philadelphia, along with one in Cheltenham Township, will remain closed on Wednesday after at least 18 stores were robbed Tuesday night, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

During the night, large groups looted numerous stores and inflicted damage on properties throughout Philadelphia. Law enforcement stated that they have apprehended a minimum of 20 individuals, and a significant number of businesses were impacted.

Shawn M. Kelly, the press secretary for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, reassured on Wednesday that, no staff members sustained injuries, though some experienced distress.

“Fortunately, no employees were hurt, although some were understandably shaken.” Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Press Secretary Shawn Kelly said in a statement.

Kelly noted that it is premature to gauge the extent of the destruction or financial losses at this time.

He further stated that the stores will resume operations “when it is safe to do so and when the damage is repaired.”

“We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience,” he said, “and we appreciate their patience and understanding.”

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