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An iPhone Guide: 7 Amazing Camera Features You Must Know

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Photography is a loved hobby nowadays because taking photos of events, people, and objects brings a lot of meaning and memories. The moments that we capture on film only happen once in a lifetime, so we want to make each photo aesthetically pleasing with little to no edits. But it is sometimes challenging to bring a professional camera, let alone own one. Fortunately, technology came up with smartphones, and different camera features will allow you to take photos without spending on an expensive camera.

The iPhone is one of Apple’s remarkable creations, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on using its excellent camera features. Tricks like learning how to make a video a live photo will help you have a better iPhone camera experience. If you have yet to explore them on your iPhone, this article will show you how!

1) See Your Pictures in Motion With the Live Photo Feature

One of the latest iPhone features is the live photo. It allows you to see your photos taken and move for a few seconds. It is a chance for you to get the perfect shot if the initial one is not satisfying. All you have to do is click the multiple circle logo on the top right, do a long press, and watch your gallery images move. This incredible smartphone feature brings a lot of joy and entertainment to users worldwide.

If you think this live photos feature is entertaining, wait until you find out how to convert your videos to live photos. There are multiple apps applicable for Apple and Android users. Just upload a vertical video to the app, then sit back and convert it into a live photo. You can also use the live pictures as a lock screen to impress your friends, loved ones, and even strangers.

2) Take Your Photos With the Grid Feature

Almost everyone can become meticulous with pictures because it is not every day that we can get good shots. Every photo subject should stand out but blend with the entire image simultaneously. The best way to do that is to put the subject in the center. Measuring photo angles is a challenging task to do, so why not turn on your grid feature to help you.

Clicking on this feature will allow a grid to serve as a guide to align every photo element to its right place. It is nice to have this feature turned on because it will save you time from cropping, aligning, and resizing your photos during the editing process. 

3) Enhance Your Pictures With the Various Built-in Filters and Effects

There are only enough filters to enhance your pictures on previous iPhone versions. Since almost everyone would love to practice photo editing, Apple added multiple features for people to adjust their pictures to their liking. The features include colored filters and a wide range adjustment board for photo contrast, brightness, and sharpness. You can also do cropping, resizing, and flipping of any image.

All of these features will appear when you click the “edit” button on the top right of the screen once you view an image. You do not have to worry about taking up more phone space by downloading photo editing apps. You can find almost all the editing filters and effects on the latest iPhone versions.

4) Adjust the Subject Focus Just Like in Professional Photography

Since smartphones desire to adapt almost all functions of a professional camera, they also worked on adjusting the camera focus. You do not have to own expensive cameras and equipment, especially beginners. The iPhone’s focus feature only requires tapping on the subject focus. It may be more challenging than a DSLR camera, but the results are just as impressive.

5) The iPhone Has an Easy Access Camera Feature

There is already a camera app installed once you open your iPhone. And your gallery is ready for your photo memories. Most of the time, events and happenings come by so fast, like having the opportunity to take a picture with your favorite celebrities or capture photo evidence for future reference. It would take time to open your camera with a passcode or face recognition. Fortunately, Apple installed an easy access mode to the camera. Once your phone lights up and shows the lock screen, swipe left, then you are already on your phone’s camera.

6) Adjust the Lighting and Exposure Before Taking Photos 

Adjusting the light and exposure of photos are usually done in the photo editing process. But thanks to the iPhone Camera, you can do it before taking the shot. All you have to do is tap on the screen, then swipe up to lighten up the image and swipe down to darken it. Doing this will also lessen the burden of excessively editing your photos too much.

7) Take an Action-Packed Photo With Burst Mode

Taking Live-Action pictures is one of the advanced photography skills. It is a little complicated to fix the settings for live-action mode on a DSLR camera. But you can start learning it even without a professional camera. One of the iPhone’s unique features is the burst mode. It is where you will take photos if your subject is in any motion or speed. Do a long press on the camera button until your subject finishes running, dancing, or doing any activity. After taking theshots, you choose what photos to retain and omit. The burst mode allows everyone to capture fast actions and have a fantastic photo outcome.

Final Thoughts 

Smartphones are innovative gadgets that everyone can use to make daily life more convenient. Taking pictures will be easier and more fun, thanks to the iPhone’s numerous features. Getting to explore additional features outside the built-in ones will take anyone’s photo and video editing to another level. Thank you for reading until the end, and we hope this post will help you snap pictures like a pro! If you want to be up to date with the latest gadgets and technology, visit today!

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