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Apple Maps will soon show Coronavirus testing locations

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With the effort of Apple to help in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus that has taken over the world’s economy, it has come up with another innovative idea. Recall that it was the first to shut down all its international stores to prevent social distancing, a step to curb the spread of the virus. Also, Tim Cook announced last week about Apple’s donation of more than 20 million masks to health care workers around the world. Apart from that, we’ve also seen Apple donate millions of dollars as charity towards Coronavirus. With all of that and many more, it seems the company is not in any way close to relenting in its efforts to fight this pandemic virus.

Coronavirus testing locations near you on Apple Maps

Now, it has announced how to make it easier for people to find the nearest Coronavirus testing locations by adding it to the Apple Maps. This development came following the news that Apple and Google are working together to develop Coronavirus tracing technology. The aim of that is to be able to trace people who may have come in contact with someone already tested positive for COVID-19.

Now, Apple has set up a web portal for hospitals, health officials, and authorities to register their testing sites. After a series of reviews and approval of the Coronavirus testing locations will make it available for its users on Apple Maps.

Type of coronavirus testing centers near you

One of the things that you will see when checking for the nearest Coronavirus testing locations on the Apple Maps is a red medical glyph icon. Apart from that, you’ll also be able to see a special banner on the Apple Maps card. Also, Apple Maps will be able to show you detailed information, including the name of the location, associated health-care provider, website and contact phone number. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see the type of testing centers, maybe it’s a hospital or a laboratory, and the nature of the sites, including the parking lot and driving through.

As a requirement, Apple is also asking applicants to state whether or not there’ll be a need for referrals for the testing centers. In case of any, Apple Maps will utilize its banner to advise them on whether there’s a need for them to get a doctor’s note or schedule an appointment before showing up at the Coronavirus testing location.

Presently, Apple has already adjusted its searching result to emphasize relevant information about hospitals and food to cater to the needs of the current stay-at-home movement.

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