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Audio: Tom Cruise yells at Mission Impossible 7 crew members for breaking COVID-19 rules

Audio Tom Cruise Yells crew Mission impossible 7 Covid-19

A viral audio surfacing online captures Tom Cruise as he yells at the crew. The audio was reportedly recorded at the set of Mission Impossible 7, it appears that the crew is being yelled at for not following Covid-19 protocols. The audio captures a very angry Tom Cruise, he is threatening to fire the crew if he catches them breaking the protocols again. The audio posted by The Sun received mixed reactions online. While many people are praising Tom Cruise for being strict about Covid-19 guidelines on the Mission Impossible 7 set. Many others feel that Tom Cruise was being unnecessarily rude and mean.

Audio captures Tom Cruise as he yells at the crew

“I don’t ever want to see it again, ever! And if you don’t do it you’re fired, if I see you do it again you’re f**king gone. And if anyone in this crew does it — that’s it, and you too and you too.”

In the entire two minutes and fourteen seconds of audio, Tom Cruise can be heard swearing multiple times. Mission Impossible series are Tom Cruise’s most popular films, the Mission Impossible 7 is currently being produced by Paramount Pictures. Yes, the movie is being shot in the middle of a global pandemic at the Warner Bros. Studio located in Leavesden, Hertfordshire on the outskirts of London.

The recording was allegedly made in the studio. The film has been subjected to several delays in the production procedure due to the onset of Covid-19. The film had a three-week shot planned in February for Venice in Italy. In February, Italy faced the worst attack of the virus due to which the production was put on hold. A local British news outlet reported that 12 members tested positive for Covid-19 on the set in October. During this time, the crew was shooting in Italy.

Mission impossible 7 faced multiple delays due to Covid-19

A local British news outlet also revealed that Tom Cruise has done his best efforts to ensure that there are no more delays in the production. Reports suggest that he even paid 500,000 British pounds ($676,000) from his own pocket for production costs. He payed for a ship that could carry the cast and crew members so that they could be isolated during the production process.

“You can tell it to the people who are losing their f**king homes because our industry is shut down. It’s not going to put food on their table or pay for their college education.”

Many people were surprised after hearing their favorite actor yell at crew members in that manner. For now, Paramount Pictures have declined a comment. We cannot deduce much unless we know the entire context.

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