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Azerbaijan army takes control of Akcakendi and Zangilan city

control Akcakendi and Zengilen Azerbaijan army

Reports from Azerbaijan states that the President has announced army control of the city of Zangilan and Akcakendi. Azerbaijan forces took over the cities after clearing them from the Armenian forces. Both cities are located on the Southern border, where Azerbaijan retains military control. This latest development by the Azerbaijan army will further intensify tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan army takes over Zangilan and Akcakdendi.

The Azerbaijan media is celebrating the Azerbaijan army for liberating the city of Zangilan, which, according to them, was under Armenian occupation for the last 27 years. The media has also reiterated that the United Nations failed to uphold its own resolutions for the past three decades. The media is also questioning the legitimacy of the United Nations.

Nasimi Aghayev, the consul general of Azerbaijan, tweeted, Today #Azerbaijan liberated City of #Zangilan from #Armenia’s 27-year-long occupation. In 1993,#SecurityCouncil passed res. 884 condemning this occupation. I unearthed a video of the resolution’s passage. Armenia ignored the res. #Azerbaijan< is now implementing this document.

Several citizens from Azerbaijan have praised their army. One user tweeted, “We liberating our motherland territories one by one.. you will never see Karabagh again.. We will see how it will stay! Azerbaijan Army will destroy every single legit military object in Karabagh! Be prepared).”

The Azerbaijani army officials who are currently in the Zangilan city have reported to the Azerbaijani President regarding the latest development. “Dear Mr. President, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, under your order, I report that the city of Zangilan and adjacent territories have been liberated from occupation. The Azerbaijani flag is currently flying in the city. Long live Azerbaijan! Long live the Commander-in-Chief! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” the report reads.

Azerbaijani gains control of Zangilan and Akcakendi

In a press conference, the President reiterated that the Azerbaijan army has emerged triumphant against Armenian occucpiers. The Azerbaijan army was able to free the Zangiln city after clearing the Yerevan forces from occupied territory. President said in a televised press conferece, that forces of Baki have liberated six villages of Fuzuli, about 7 villages of Jabrayil, 5 villages in Khojavend, in addition to the 6 villages of Zangilan from occupation of Armenian forces.

He further stated that the victorious Azerbaijan army freed the city of Zangilan along with six other villages in the province. Along with a total of 18 villages in the regions of Fuzuli, Jabrayil and Khojavend provinces. President Aliyev announced that regions Havali, Zarnali, Mammadbayli, Hakari, Sharifan, and the Mughanli villages of Zangilan, in addition to the city of Zangilan have been liberated from the occupation of Armenian forces. Armenian forces had maintained military control in these areas for the past two decades.

“I give a new Azerbaijani name to this village. Hereinafter, Vang village should be renamed to Chinarli village. Blessed be the name,” said the President.

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