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Biden invites Netanyahu to US: Israeli PM’s office

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US President Joe Biden invited Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the US for a meeting, the first since the latter returned to office late last year, Netanyahu’s office said Monday.

“President Biden invited PM Netanyahu for a meeting in the US soon,” the Israeli premier’s office said in a statement. “The PM accepted the invitation and it was agreed that Israeli and US teams will coordinate the details of the meeting.”

The invitation comes as Netanyahu’s government continues advancing its controversial legal overhaul, which Biden has spoken out against.

In their Monday phone conversation, Netanyahu updated Biden on “the bill that is slated to be passed next week… and on his intention to reach wide public support for the rest of the reform during the summer recess”, Netanyahu’s office said.

It said the telephone call between the two leaders was “long and warm”.

The judicial reforms proposed by Netanyahu’s government aim to limit the “reasonability” clause, through which the judiciary can strike down government decisions.

Opponents have warned that the reforms threaten Israel’s democracy, and regular mass demonstrations have been held since they were unveiled in January.

The invitation comes the same day Israeli President Isaac Herzog is set to travel to the US for a visit where he is expected to meet Biden at the White House.

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