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Joe Biden wins election, becomes 46th President of US: Decision Desk HQ

46th Joe Biden wins US president election

The Decision Desk HQ has projected Joe Biden as the winner in Pennsylvania, the 20 electoral college votes amount to a total of 273. Joe Biden has won the presidential elections 2020 and has been elected as the 46th President of the U.S. Joe Biden had also taken lead in Georgia as the vote-counting continued, he has also emerged as the lead in Arizona and Nevada.

Joe Biden wins US president election

Several media outlets including NBC have not officially announced the news, but are referring to Biden as the President-elect. Other outlets including Bloomberg News have maintained that they do not rely on race calls and will wait patiently as all votes are counted. Several people are claiming that Pennsylvania results should not be confirmed until a recount occurs and every mail-in ballot is counted.

Joe Biden had already assumed the role of the President apparent from the meeting on Thursday. Joe Biden met with his economic and health advisers to discuss important aspects regarding the pandemic. He also spoke to reporters briefly and asked the public to be patient as votes are counted. Joe Biden’s stance to let the election process play out democratically contradicted that of Donald Trump. Donald Trump continuously aired allegations of voter fraud and called for “stop the count” numerous times in the past 72 hours.

One user tweeted, “Has anyone noticed that if Biden wins all the states he’s currently leading in, the final Electoral College numbers will be 306 to 232? The exact number from 2016, but flipped. Something about that feels beautifully poetic.” Joe Biden’s win will be a monumental event in the history of the United States.

The big win is near

On Wednesday morning, CNN observed additional security assets in Biden’s motorcade. The security protocols observed are consistent with Presidential entourages, these protocols are put in place to counter a wide variety of threats and situations. Reports also indicate that Secret Service has sent more agents to Delaware in anticipation of Joe Biden’s win. The Secret Service has sent reinforcements because it is likely that Joe Biden will make his speech on Friday.

According to CNN, with 98 percent of the state reporting, there are still 25,000 ballots left to be counted. The New York Times tweeted, “Joe Biden currently has 253 electoral votes. Should he win Pennsylvania, where he leads as of Friday morning, he would surpass the necessary threshold of 270 Electoral College votes to capture the White House.” At present, the Decision Desh HQ happens to be the only verified source of analytics that has officially named Joe Biden as the winner.

Joe Biden won more votes in the presidential election than any other candidate in the entire history of the United States. Biden achieved this by breaking Obama’s record set in 2008. The 2020 presidential election constitutes the biggest vote of all time.


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