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Capitol Police searching for ‘suspicious activity’ in Madison, Monroe Buildings [UPDATED]

Bomb threat reported at Department of Labor, near US Capitol
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Police activity reported near the State Capitol in Richmond. A shelter-in-place has been ordered at the Madison Building— next to Capitol Square.

Capitol Police are looking for any signs of suspicious activity in the Madison and Monroe Buildings, NBC 12 reported.

According to a Capitol Square Alert, employees at the Madison Building were advised to shelter in place.

Police checked the Madison Building at 11:33 a.m. after receiving a report of a suspicious individual, but no suspicious activity was discovered.

“Police have checked the Madison Building following a report of a possible suspicious individual. No suspicious activity has been found. Police are also checking the Monroe Building,” Va Capitol Police said in a tweet.

The Monroe Building is currently being searched by police.

UDPDATE: All clear given after no suspicious activity found.

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