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China conduct strange tests on garlic sprouts for Covid

china garlic sprouts covid
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According to the Global Times, an epidemic prevention employee from Central China’s Henan province allegedly performed nucleic acid tests on local garlic sprouts growing in a greenhouse, sparking a discussion on Chinese social media platforms.

According to the local government, hundreds of tonnes of garlic sprouts had become difficult to sell as a result of the epidemic. Buyers requested garlic sprout test certificates from local farmers to ensure the vegetable was Covid-free. As a result, the local government decided to collect the results of nucleic acid tests on these vegetables in order to relieve local farmers’ pressure, according to the report.

The video of the employee performing nucleic acid tests on garlic sprouts went viral on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo, with many netizens joking about it.

“It’s the funniest and weirdest Covid-19 test I’ve ever seen,” wrote a user.

“Both the buyers and sellers were overly cautious,” one netizen commented, “But testing is better than getting infected without knowing.”

By Sunday, Henan province had reported one new local confirmed case, with at least eight other provincial-level regions, including the capital Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin, reporting new local infections.

“It’s understandable why local governments are so cautious, but hopefully they can make more rational plans,” another netizen wrote.

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