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China hawk warns Xi could attack Taiwan by 2024, bringing ‘war to the West’

Russia, China hold joint naval war games
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A prominent China hawk, Kyle Bass, mentioned on Tuesday in an interview with CNBC that he believes Chinese President Xi Jinping is aiming to “bring war to the West.” Bass also shared his view that there’s a likelihood of China potentially invading Taiwan by the end of 2024.

Prominent China hawk Kyle Bass believes Chinese President could “bring war to the West,” with an invasion of Taiwan by 2024

Bass, who is the founder and chief investment officer of the U.S. investment firm Hayman Capital Management, pointed out that many in the West, especially on Wall Street, are primarily focused on the perceived economic challenges of such an attack.

However, Bass emphasized that similar to the situation involving Russian President Vladimir Putin and his actions in Ukraine, President Xi is not solely driven by economic considerations. He underlined that Xi Jinping, like Putin, is also concerned with other strategic factors beyond the economic fallout.

“If you listen to what [Xi] says, I believe he will end up acquiring, reacquiring Taiwan by force by the end of next year,” Bass told “Street Signs.”

“We on Wall Street love to think he would never do that because it doesn’t make economic sense. We have to stop thinking that way and literally start listening to what the man says,” he said.

The Chinese Communist Party didn’t reply right away when CNBC asked for their thoughts on what Kyle Bass said. In the past, though, they’ve mentioned that Taiwan is a matter within their own country.

China’s president emphasizes peaceful relations with Taiwan amid growing tensions

When China’s president secured his third term in March, he talked about the importance of keeping things peaceful with Taiwan, The Guardian reported. He also mentioned that China should stand against any “external forces” and movements that want Taiwan to be independent.

After a civil war ended in 1949, Taiwan has been running its own government separate from China. However, China sees Taiwan as belonging to its territory.

The argument about Taiwan is a big issue worldwide. Most countries in the Western world see Taiwan as its own self-governing place. On the other hand, China wants Taiwan to come back together with them. They mentioned in a white paper last year that Taiwan is definitely a part of China and this can’t change.

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