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Contact from another world: Thousands of space radio signals reach Earth

Thousands of mysterious space radio signals intercepted by Earth's top minds
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According to Canadian astronomers, Earth has received numerous radio signals from space, some of which are suspected to be messages from extraterrestrial sources, NY Post reported. As per the report, 50 of the messages are said to be coming from “repeating sources”.

Canadian astronomers discover thousands of deep space radio signals reaching Earth

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment has reported the discovery of 25 new repeating sources. They are also referred to as fast radio bursts (FRBs), originating from the depths of the universe. The experiment employs a powerful radio telescope in British Columbia to capture these signals.

The CHIME/FRB collaboration has labeled these FRBs as “one of the biggest mysteries in astronomy.” Yet, there is concrete evidence indicating that they came from a location beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

“Most of the thousands of FRBs that astronomers have discovered to date have only ever been seen to burst once. But there is a small subset that have been seen to burst multiple times,” the collaboration stated.

“One of the big questions is whether the repeating FRBs and those that don’t repeat have similar origins.”

Dr. Ziggy Pleunis unveils significant revelation about enigmatic FRBs

According to Dr. Ziggy Pleunis, who authored the study, the recently published research revealed that some of the enigmatic FRBs were not arbitrary signal emissions.

“We can now accurately calculate the probability that two or more bursts coming from similar locations are not just a coincidence,” Dr. Pleunis said.

This technology’s progress has provided Earth’s leading experts with greater insight into what lies ahead.

The development of the CHIME telescope, which has the ability to scan the northern sky daily, has resulted in an increased interception rate of FRBs “from a few tens, to thousands in recent years.”

The repeating sources of FRBs are considered to be of “uniquely valuable” criteria to astronomers as they can be reobserved in greater detail.

Firstly, identifying a source as a repeater allows it to be observed in greater detail with other telescopes. Secondly, a larger number of bursts provides a more comprehensive understanding of the range of emissions that a particular source can produce.

“FRBs are likely produced by the leftovers from explosive stellar deaths.” Pleunis added. “By studying repeating FRB sources in detail, we can study the environments that these explosions occur in and understand better the end stages of a star’s life.”

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