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Many people think Coronavirus death toll data is fake

Fake coronavirus Death Data

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, most people have turned to social media to learn more about the virus and receive updates from time to time. Although social media platforms are effective at sharing positive information, they’re also conducive for people to easily spread rumors. Recently, there are persistent posts online suggesting that the US coronavirus death data is fake and being inflated for political reasons. Now, it looks like President Trump and some of his aides have also embraced the theory, as he has started complaining behind the scenes.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the story behind the fake coronavirus death data. Apart from that, we’ll also see what the experts are saying so far.

President Trump Complains About The Fake Coronavirus Death Data

President Trump has complained to advisers that the US coronavirus death data is fake and numbers are excessively high. He claims the real numbers are way lower than what is being announced. Also, some senior aides, who share the same view with him, have advised him to go and make public questioning.

According to the latest figures, the US has total confirmed cases of 1.3 million, and the death toll of 81,000.

The reality is that there’s no proof that the coronavirus death data is fake. Also, most experts claim that the coronavirus death cases in the US are low, rather than inflated.

Furthermore, President Trump has made reference to New York’s 3000 cases added to the US’s Coronavirus death toll. Some members of Trump’s team also claimed there’s enough incentive for hospitals to identify coronavirus cases. They said Medicare offers hospitals a 20% bonus, so there’s no need to misdiagnose patients with coronavirus.

The Other Side Of Trump’s Claim

According to a senior official in the White House, the 3000 coronavirus death cases were revised, and it includes tentative cases. With that, it means deaths are related to coronavirus, but there’s no certainty. He further advised that there’s a need for proper dissemination of information to American citizens to help them understand while numbers are going up.

Last month, the US CDC promised to add probable coronavirus deaths in the official tally to specify cases where no formal diagnosis is available. Although some states do not report probable deaths to the CDC, a few have already started reporting it. Currently, there are over 5,000 probable coronavirus death cases so far in New York.

In contrast to the story behind the fake coronavirus death data, experts claim the numbers are low because of some reasons. One of them is that some states don’t count probable deaths. Apart from that, the country is also facing testing issues. That means the formal death count is inaccurately low and not excessively high as claimed.

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