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Counter-Strike 2 decals causing ‘FPS drop’ issue

Counter-Strike 2 decals causing FPS drop for players
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Players of Counter-Strike 2 are noticing a big drop in their game’s frames per second (FPS) because of the blood and bullet decals. This problem is making the game unfair, as some players say those with better computers have an edge because of these performance problems.

Reports of Counter-Strike 2 FPS drop due to bullet decals issue

The game’s improved looks and smoother performance are awesome, but they come with a downside—your computer needs to work harder. The problems with decals that players have been talking about highlight how the game’s high hardware needs are becoming more noticeable.

Lots of players have noticed their FPS taking a hit when things like low health indicators and bullet damage decals show up in the game. After doing some thorough testing, players found that these effects put extra stress on their devices, causing performance issues.

Even Death Match servers aren’t immune to this problem. As reports keep rolling in, some experienced players are sharing tricks that might offer a temporary fix.

In CS:GO, how fast you move in the game is noted right when you hit a key, but the actual movement on the server only happens every 16 milliseconds (64 times per second).

Damage Indicators Causes FPS Drop, Faster PCs have more advantage in Aim Duels
byu/QuillnLegend inGlobalOffensive

To make things smoother, Valve added sub-tick updates in Counter-Strike 2. This lets the server keep track of each player’s exact moves between those 16 ms ticks, making the game more responsive and fluid.

But, this new system has some issues. Players are saying that things like B-hops and sprays feel unpredictable now. Some have even noticed weird tick variations, leading to players getting hit when they should be safe behind cover.

John McDonald, one of the developers, knows about this problem. He says it can be fixed, but it might mean sacrificing some precious FPS.

Quick Workarounds

Here are some potential fixes that could improve the performance of the game.

Try the “clear_decals” Command: Boost your FPS by using the “clear_decals” command. Just open the console, type “bind [key] clear_decals,” and replace [key] with your chosen activation key. Press that key, and poof, all decals are gone.

Lower Graphics Settings: Improve your overall FPS by tweaking settings like texture quality, shadow quality, and anti-aliasing. Lowering these can make a noticeable difference.

Verify Game Files: Ensure there are no corrupted files causing trouble by verifying game files on Steam. Right-click CS:GO in your library, go to Properties, then the Local files tab, and hit Verify integrity of game files.

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