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Coup attempt supported by a Western state foiled in Mali

Mali junta leader discusses security, economy with Putin
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A coup attempt earlier this month by “a small group of anti-progressive Malian officers and non-commissioned officers” was foiled, according to a West African country spokesperson.

Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga, the spokesperson, said in a statement late Monday that the coup attempt occurred on May 11-12, according to the Xinhua news agency.

“The militia were supported by a Western state. The attempt was foiled thanks to the vigilance and professionalism of the defence and security forces of Mali,” Maiga said and also condemned with “the utmost rigor” the attempted coup while saying that all appropriate measures are being deployed.

“Those arrested will be in the hands of justice,” he, without mentioning the identity of the officers and non-commissioned officers involved.

Following the coup on August 18, 2020, Mali launched an 18-month political transition on September 15, 2020, which ended on February 27, this year.

Since then, the transitional authorities have been negotiating a deadline extension with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The Malian transitional government announced the start of a 24-month transition process for holding free and transparent presidential elections on April 21.


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