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COVID-19: Countries That Are Now Open For Tourism

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With the outbreak of coronavirus, a lot of activities across the world were affected as a result of lockdowns. Many countries were able to completely shut down most of their major activities, including travel and tourism. However, with lockdowns now gradually ending, most countries have started to ease the restrictions on their borders, opening for international tourists. Are you a tourist, looking for information about countries opened for tourism after COVID-19 lockdown?

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the full list of countries opened for tourism, after months of COVID-19 lockdown.

However, before going to the list, it’s worth noting that information from different countries can change anytime. As such, we’ll only be focusing on the list of countries already opened for international tourism.

Here’s A List Of Countries Opened For Tourism After COVID-19 Lockdown


Countries Open For Tourism, After Months Of COVID-19 Lockdown: Albania
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Albania is one of the countries that has recently opened for international tourism. The country was able to reopen its borders on July 1, 2020. As such, international tourists are now free to travel to the country.

Currently, the country only runs temperature checks on travelers. As such, there’s nothing like the coronavirus test or quarantine.


Countries Reopening For Tourism Covid-19: Austria
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Austria was able to reopen its borders for activities regarding international tourism on June 16, 2020. For now, only 31 countries are granted access to visit the country. They include all EU nations, excluding Portugal, Spain, UK, and Sweden. Furthermore, tourists will be allowed to move into the country freely, without any coronavirus test or quarantine period.


Countries Reopening For Tourism Covid-19: Belgium
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It’s been more than a month now since Belgium reopened its borders for international tourism. Currently, not all countries are authorized to visit the country. Instead, only a few countries, including the UK, all EU nations, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway, can visit.


Countries Reopening For Tourism Covid-19: Croatia
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It’s almost two months since Croatia reopened its borders for tourism activities. On June 1, 2020, the country only gave authorization to countries within the European Union. However, a month after, the country was able to extend the authorization to all countries in the world.

Talking about test requirements, a negative-PCR test is required from some certain visitors.

Czech Republic

Countries Reopening For Tourism Covid-19: Czech
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The Czech Republic was able to reopen its borders for international tourism on July 15. And ever since then, the country has been updating the list of countries eligible to visit. For now, only coronavirus safe/low-risk countries and third-party countries listed by the EU can visit.


Countries Reopening For Tourism Covid-19: Estonia
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Estonia is one of the first few countries that quickly reopened its borders, after COVID-19 lockdowns, for international tourism.

Reopening on June 1, 2020, the country was able to grant authorization to tourists from EU countries and a few third-party countries.


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On June 15, the Prime minister of France took to his official Twitter account to announce the reopening of the country for international tourism activities. And ever since, a lot of third party countries have been authorized to visit.


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As of June 15, the government of Germany was able to reopen its borders to only 31 countries, mostly within the EU. Currently, it has now added countries, including Canada, Thailand, Montenegro, and a few others, to the list.


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On June 3, 2020, Italy reopened its borders to international tourists. At that time, the country only offered authorization, without quarantine, to 21 countries, mostly within the EU. As of July 1, the country extended the list and started accepting select third-party nations, including Canada.


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On June 8, Mexico was able to reopen its borders for international tourism activities. However, the country only reopened a few popular tourist destinations like Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, for travelers.

According to the country, it’s a light system in place, which it uses to check the level of coronavirus cases in different destinations. As soon as a region turns orange, the country grants permission for tourism activities.


Credit: Russia Business Today

On July 15, Russia was able to reopen its borders for tourism activities. In addition, there won’t be any quarantine period or test for any foreign tourists visiting the country.


Credit: Forbes

Spain reopened its borders for the first time after COVID-19 lockdown on June 21. At that time, the country was only opened to international tourists from countries within the European Union. However, on July 3rd, it was able to add a few countries to the list.

List of Other Countries

  • Aruba – July 1
  • Bahamas – July 1
  • Barbados – July 12
  • Bermuda – July 1
  • Bulgaria – June 1
  • Cuba – July 1
  • Curaçao – July 1
  • Cyprus – June 1
  • Dominican Republic – July 1
  • Egypt – July 1
  • Finland – July 15
  • French Polynesia – July 15
  • Greece – June 15
  • Grenada – July 15
  • Guadeloupe – July 1
  • Hungary – July
  • Iceland – June 15
  • Ireland – July 21
  • Jamaica – June 15
  • Latvia – July 1
  • Lebanon – July 1
  • Luxembourg – July 1
  • Maldives – July 15
  • Malta – July 1
  • Montenegro – June 1
  • Netherlands – June 15
  • North Macedonia – July 1
  • Poland – June 13
  • Portugal – June 15
  • Romania – July 7
  • Rwanda – June 17
  • Serbia – May 22
  • Seychelles – June 1
  • Slovenia – July 17
  • St. Lucia – June 4
  • St. Maarten – July 1
  • St. Vincent and The Grenadines – July 1
  • Sweden – June 1
  • Switzerland – June 15
  • Tanzania – June 1
  • Tunisia – June 27
  • Turkey – June 10
  • Turks and Caicos – July 22
  • UAE (Dubai) – July 7
  • Ukraine – June 15
  • U.S. Virgin Islands – June 1

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