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COVID-19 Has Completely Changed People’s Lifestyles

COVID-19 Defense Industry

COVID-19 has forced people to keep social distance and observe lockdown. We are spending more time at home. Family life has become rich, and especially women and children may enjoy family life. People are exploring home-based activities like reading, watching TV, movies, music, etc. Indoor exercises are common. Online sports also gained momentum.

Online shopping has become a routine practice resulting in a big boost to e-commerce. Online banking and transactions got a sweeping boost. The stock market has attracted many new players as some of the other businesses are no longer feasible. The digital economy is our future.

Home-based industries and businesses have shown a visible boom. The cottage industry got attention and due weight. Industries with a minimum workforce and less crowded working conditions may become our focus in the days to come. Education has shifted to the online model. Most of the universities are offering all levels like Undergrad, Master, and Ph.D. programs online.

The entertainment industry experienced one of the greatest losses through the pandemic. However, not all sectors suffered as those that make use of virtual technology flourished. A good example of this is a company that sells consoles, particularly sports simulators that brought the game indoors. The Garmin Approach R10 offers thousands of courses and realistic golf play for those who want to finish a birdie but cannot make a swing because most establishments remain closed.

Future Trends

Frankly speaking, by nature, human beings are lazy and reluctant to do something unless they are forced to. If I have offended someone, I may say, I am lazy and reluctant to do anything unless forced to. “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. Under lockdown, we are forced to explore what can be done to earn money or livelihood, pass our time happily, or hobbies. Many new phenomena are seen in our life, which weren’t practiced under normal circumstances.

Many innovations were made during World War I and World War II for defense purposes, but later on, they were utilized for civilian purposes on a commercial basis. The best example was nuclear technology, developed to use as an atom bomb, but is now being used widely for power generation, in the health sector, and agriculture, etc.

Scientists, intellectuals, and scholars are over-engaged in developing new technologies, which were never thought of in the past. It is difficult to predict how long the COVID-19 will stay, but it seems it will be rather difficult to eliminate it in the near future. We have to learn how to live with COVID-19. Whether we like it or not, we have to bear it. Even if a cure or vaccine is developed, it may take some time for testing and trials in animals and human beings before launching commercially on the shelves. Till then, we need to observe social distancing.

Defense Industry

One thing is very much well-conceived, and it’s that the current defense Industry needs a complete a different approach. Nuclear weapons, missiles, aircraft carriers, space weapons, etc., may not protect humankind from a tiny small virus. The US is a country with the largest defense Industry followed by China, Russia, etc., but it is noticed that with the outbreak, there were not enough ventilators and there was a shortage of masks and testing kits. Even sanitizers and toilet paper were short in supply. Unfortunately, it is the US which is hit hardest by COVID-19. The highest number of infected patients and the highest death toll is in the US.

The whole defense philosophy needs to be reconsidered, doctors and paramedical staff might become equally as important as soldiers. The pharmaceutical industry may become as equally important as the weapons industry.

Be Optimistic

Humankind is most resilient in nature and has passed many pandemics in history. Some of them were even more fatal and stayed for several years. Our ancestors learned how to live with such pandemics and we also have to learn how to live with COVID-19. Fortunately, COVID-19 is not as fatal as some in history were, but might only be more contagious. The recovery rate is quite high. Be optimistic, keep social distance, practice healthy and hygienic habits, emphasize water loading, eat appropriate food, and trust God.

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Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan

Professor Zamir Ahmed Awan is a sinologist at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Chinese Studies Center of Excellence, Islamabad, Pakistan. Posted to the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing as a science counselor (technical affairs) from 2010-16, he was responsible for promoting cooperation between Pakistan and China in science, technology, and higher education. - Email: [email protected]

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