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Cuomo: ‘Trump responsible for every COVID death in New York because he lied’

Trump responsible COVID death New York he lied Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that coronavirus is currently the third leading cause of death in the United States. The Governor has reiterated that President Trump is responsible for the rising death rate caused by COVID-19 in New York. The Governor says that Donald Trump misinterpreted the severity of the virus, and he persistenlty lied about its severity.

“I hold Donald Trump responsible for every death in New York from COVID because Trump lied; he lied,” Cuomo stated.

Cuomo says Trump is responsible for rising  COVID-19 death rate in New York

The Governor blamed Trump’s alleged lies regarding the virus as the reason for rising death rates. The misinformation perpetuated by Donald Trump, in addition to his non-adherence to SOPs, has resulted in people taking the virus lightly. Governor Cuomo also stated at about 43 states of the United States are on New York’s quarantine list.

Governor Cuomo stated that there is “no practical way to quarantine areas of New York from New Jersey and Connecticut. However, this does not mean that citizens engage in non-essential travel. Every citizen of the United States should observe the standard SOPs and follow social distancing guidelines. The Governor also revealed that the action plan to combat COVID-19 involves working with Connecticut and New Jersey to determine what can be done to decrease the growth in patient rate.

The governor added that it would be impractical to add New Jersey and Connecticut to New York’s quarantine list. “There are just too many interchanges, there are too many interconnections, there are too many people who live in one place and work in the other. It would have a disastrous effect on the economy.” he said.

“Trump is incompetent”

The Governor also stated that relevant officials will be talking to Connecticut and New Jersey regarding travel restrictions. He said that travel between states that is not essential should be avoided at all costs. Many people have expressed frustration with Donald Trump for downplaying the severity of the virus. One user tweeted, “The apology has to come from trump. He lied to the American people about the severity allowing the virus to take off. If he would have been honest people could have taken precautions. Trump lied, and people died! Even now he says it’s disappearing when states are setting records.

The United States is among the worst hit regions by coronavirus. The death toll in the United States is currently 218,131 with 8,065,615 confirmed cases. According the offical World Health Organization website, “In United States of America, from Jan 3 to 3:05pm CEST, 20 October 2020, there have been 8,065,615 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 218,131 deaths.” Governor Cuomo has held Trump’s incompetency and lies responsible for the tragic loss of lives.

He is the super-spreader who brought the virus to America,” says Cuomo.

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