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Czechs record hottest September, October ever

Czechs record hottest September, October ever
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The Czech Republic‘s weather service said Wednesday last month was the hottest October since records began in 1775.

That announcement came only weeks after the news that September had been hottest on record.

“With an average monthly temperature of 14.1 degrees Celsius (57.4 degrees Fahrenheit), October 2023 was the hottest ever,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute said on its website.

“After this September, which was the warmest September since 1775, it was the second record-hot month in a row,” it added.

In September, the weather service recorded a monthly average of 19.6 degrees Celsius.

The October average measured in the centre of Prague was 3.2 degrees Celsius higher than the average for 1991-2020 and 4.3 degrees above the average for 1775-2014.

September 2023 was the hottest on record in many countries, including Britain, France and Japan, as well as in the Czech Republic’s Central European neighbours Austria, Germany and Poland.


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