Dengue Virus Spreading Across Florida Counties

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Florida health authorities have issued an alert in Broward County this month due to the increasing cases of the mosquito-borne dengue virus. Broward County is now facing the same issue as Miami-Dade County where the illness is spreading.

The July 30 to August 5 arbovirus surveillance report from the Florida Department of Health stated that there were two cases of dengue that were acquired locally in Broward County.

In the state of Florida, there have been a total of 10 cases of locally contracted dengue reported this year, with the majority occurring in Miami-Dade County. Most of these cases were reported in July.

The department mentioned, “Ten cases have been serotyped by PCR.”

According to the Broward County health department, “In 2022, there were two cases of locally acquired dengue.”

Throughout this year, nearly 200 cases have been reported in individuals from Florida who had traveled to areas where dengue is common within the two weeks before showing symptoms.

The health department highlighted that 10 of these cases were identified in individuals who do not reside in Florida, and one of these cases met the criteria for severe dengue.

Dengue is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, and it is not typically found in Florida. Nonetheless, travelers who are infected with the virus can introduce it to the local mosquito population upon returning to Florida.

People with a history of previous dengue infection, pregnant women, infants, the elderly, and individuals with underlying health conditions are more susceptible to dengue. However, severe illness can also affect those without any of these risk factors.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a total of 225 dengue cases across various U.S. states this year.

Dengue virus disease was designated as a condition that needs to be reported nationally in 2010.

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