DeSantis signs bill to allow release of Jeffrey Epstein grand jury documents

DeSantis signs bill to allow release of Jeffrey Epstein grand jury documents
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Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he has signed a bill allowing the disclosure of 2006 grand jury records about the convicted sex offender, the late Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein survivors attend press conference as DeSantis signs bill related to reveal of Epstein documents

DeSantis emphasized that the enactment of the bill has been awaited for a considerable time and clarified that it pertains to cases of a similar nature beyond Epstein’s. This marked DeSantis’ inaugural significant bill signing of the 2024 Legislative Session.

Various victims of Epstein, such as Haley Robson and Jena-Lisa Jones, were present at the press conference and shared their experiences. They expressed ongoing struggles with the trauma caused by Epstein’s actions. Moreover, they expressed hope that the release of these documents would provide them with more clarity.

The legislation’s implementation is scheduled for July 1. DeSantis revealed the announcement on Thursday during a press briefing held at the Palm Beach Police Department.

“There needs to be a mechanism [where] people can get the truth,” he said. “This is in the interest of justice to disclose.”

The legislation broadens the criteria for permitting the disclosure of evidence and/or testimony from a grand jury. The proposal garnered bipartisan support and received unanimous approval in both the Florida House of Representatives and Senate.

Senator Tina Polsky, representing Boca Raton and affiliated with the Democratic Party, introduced the Senate bill. Representative Peggy Gossett-Seidman, representing Highland Beach and affiliated with the Republican Party, sponsored the House bill.

Polsky and DeSantis advocate for public disclosure

Polsky expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to sponsor the legislation following DeSantis’ endorsement of the bill.

“[I] am happy to see that this year it is also a priority of the governor,” Polsky said. “The public and the victims deserve to know if prosecutors steered the jury away from indicting Epstein on more severe charges.”

“We need to know if the system worked or failed in the pursuit of justice of this heinous individual. I look forward to the transparency the legislation will provide to the people of Florida,” she said.

Right after its passage, DeSantis stated that he would sign the bill.

“All files related to Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal activity should be made public,” DeSantis said. “While the federal government continues to stonewall accountability, I’m glad the Legislature has taken action to release the grand jury material from the Florida state case. I will sign the bill into law.”

Back in 2006, following an investigation, Epstein managed to evade harsher consequences despite allegations of soliciting minors for sexual activity. Gossett-Seidman emphasized that the victims of Epstein deserve access to additional information regarding the testimony provided against Epstein in the Florida case.

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