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Jeffrey Epstein’s brother doesn’t believe his brother took his own life and wants new investigation – report

Documents reveal Jeffrey Epstein's multiple passports for travel in Middle East and Africa
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Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark Epstein, is expressing doubts about the official findings that Jeffrey died by suicide, The Guardian reported. Despite a Justice Department report blaming jail officials for negligence, Mark Epstein rejects the conclusion that his brother took his own life.

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark disagrees with jail negligence findings, questions brother’s suicide verdict

In July 2019, just before Jeffrey Epstein returned from Paris to New York, he spoke with his brother Mark, with whom he had limited contact since their mother’s death 15 years earlier. Mark reveals that Jeffrey had no indication he would be arrested upon landing in New Jersey.

Jeffrey believed he had immunity from federal charges due to a 2007 plea deal with then-US Attorney Alex Acosta, where he pleaded guilty to state charges related to soliciting a minor.

Just a month after that phone call, Jeffrey Epstein was discovered dead in a jail cell in Manhattan. Despite being under psychological observation following a previous suicide attempt, he took his own life.

This unfortunate event marked a disappointing conclusion to the pursuit of justice for Epstein’s victims. However, it didn’t bring an end to the mystery, drama, and intrigue surrounding Epstein’s life and the influential individuals who associated with him globally.

The unfolding drama persisted through the trial and conviction of his confidante Ghislaine Maxwell, and it continues with the recent release of previously sealed court documents related to the case.

Yet, the mystery lingers, particularly for Mark Epstein, who questions the circumstances of his brother’s death.

Mark Epstein challenges DOJ report on brother’s death, advocates for full investigation

Mark rejects the Justice Department’s report, which attributed negligence, misconduct, and overall job performance failures to jail officials but concluded that there was no evidence to suggest anything other than suicide in Jeffrey’s death.

“I would like a full investigation of his death. If you look at all the evidence, including the autopsy, the photographs of his body, the bullshit DOJ report that is filled with inaccuracies, you would never come up with the conclusion that this was a suicide – but based on what?” he said.

Approximately $150 million has been disbursed from Epstein’s $580 million estate to victims, many of whom were underage, involved in the sex trafficking conspiracy orchestrated by Epstein and Maxwell. Ghislaine Maxwell, now serving a 20-year sentence in a Florida prison, was a key figure in the operation.

The recent release of once-sealed documents from a 2017 defamation lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre against Maxwell added fuel to the fire, further tarnishing the reputations of figures like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, along with other men implicated in the records.

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