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Detroit shooting: Protests started after police shot man – VIDEO

Detroit shooting

Riot geared police and protesters clash after a fatal shooting by police in Detroit, according to videos and reports shared on social media.

According to recent reports, Detroit police chief James Craig said a man was shot Friday, early in the afternoon in the area of West McNichols Road and San Juan Drive, during a confrontation with police.

According to the police chief, man shot at the police, unprovoked, and in return, multiple officers fired and killed him.

Protestors steadily gathered at the scene in the hours following to respond to the shooting.

Here are the videos of the protests going on post-Detroit shooting incident:

Here’s what people are talking about Detroit’s fatal shooting on Twitter:

@Bubbysnation: The police pulled up on a 19 year old kid and started shooting. He did NOTHING but walk down the street. From his own house. This is probably one of the most blatant acts to incite this “race war” that everybody keeps talking about.

@JonHewettWWJ: HAPPENING NOW… Detroit Police remain at scene of officer involved fatal shooting on the NW side (McNichols & San Juan). Police says officers were arresting a suspect connected to weekend shooting that left three dead, when second man approached and fired shots. He was killed.

@SprayermanJJ: Another police shooting in Detroit has sparked ANOTHER huge riot. Tear gas being fired at the crowd right now, but they were ready with LEAF BLOWERS to blow it back. Even picking up the canisters and throwing them back. Scary situation there, hopefully cooler heads prevail

@MrChillBro: Watching the most disgusting reporting by @wxyzdetroit on the Detroit Police Department shooting right now where Ross Jones keeps calling the protestors “disgusting” and “violent” because some are throwing water bottles while placing positive verbiage on the actions of police.

@McNamaraWDET: Asking a Police Chief James Craig “what’s your thoughts about people shooting at Detroit Police?” is about the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever heard.

Image from the scene:

Members of a crowd protesting a fatal Detroit police shooting jump onto a squad car. Maybe half of the 300 or so in the crowd are wearing masks.

Detroit Shooting protests

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