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Diablo 4 players find game boring after level 70

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Diablo 4 players are unhappy with the lack of content or incentive after level 70 and find the game boring or empty.

Reports of Diablo 4 players unhappy because of lack of content, find game boring after Level 70

Diablo 4 features various World Tiers (WTs) that impact the level of difficulty within the game. As the WT increases, the game becomes progressively more challenging.

In the initial version of the game’s alpha stage, there was a World Tier 5 that players could unlock after reaching level 70. However, this particular tier was eliminated in the final version of the game.

Presently, the highest available World Tier in Diablo 4 is WT4. Nevertheless, some players have expressed the sentiment that the game loses its appeal once they reach level 70, as there is a lack of engaging content or activities that provide a sufficient challenge.

Undoubtedly, the gameplay starts to become monotonous and uninteresting after reaching that point. Moreover, the lack of fresh gear diminishes the motivation to carry on playing.

A player who experienced this issue mentioned that after reaching level 70 and finishing the main campaign, they struggled to find any equipment upgrades, and the Nightmare dungeons became excessively difficult for them.

Another player suggests that the end game experience would be greatly enhanced if there was a random dungeon party finder feature accessible to players.

“Endgame would be a lot more fun with party finder. Why not have random dungeon party finder with people of same level? It is an online game which feels more lonely than an actual singleplayer game,” a player said.

Players want devs to generate excitement and interest in upcoming releases

A Reddit user suggested that incorporating a “random dungeon party finder” feature would enhance the enjoyment of the endgame.

According to the responses in the thread, numerous players express agreement with the original poster. One user adds a comment stating, “It plays like a single-player game, but needs to be online to play, but with no real avenues to play with other people.”

Another individual commenting on the idea of a party finder in Diablo 4 mentioned, “Yep, it should be available either at the entrance to each dungeon or regionally at the main city. You know it’s bad when Warframe has better social features.”

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