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Minecraft Dungeons bugs: List of known issues

Minecraft Dungeons bugs and issues

Microsoft and Mojang Studios unveiled the action-adventure title Minecraft Dungeons at the E3 event last year. Inspired by classic dungeon crawlers, it combines the familiar Minecraft universe with Diablo-like action RPG gameplay. However, players have encountered a number of bugs and issues with Minecraft Dungeons across platforms. Such issues are common with any new major release.

Minecraft Dungeons is available across Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Game Pass. The 4-player co-op action RPG is based on the Unreal Engine 4. It focuses on action combat, character progression, and looting.

Minecraft Dungeons bugs and issues

These are the most common Minecraft Dungeons bugs, issues, and errors as of May 26 2020. The developers have acknowledged many of these problems, and are working on a fix.

  1. Cross-play is not working at launch. Mojang Studios has assured gamers that it would add cross-play support for Minecraft Dungeons. But the capability will arrive “in the future” via a software update
  2. “Game Ownership Not Established” error: A large number of Windows PC users are frustrated with the “Game Ownership Not Established” error. They are unable to access the game. It appears to be due do a licensing issue with Xbox Live
  3. Windows players unable to join multiplayer sessions via Game Bar
  4. The game could crash in local co-op when P2 attempts to join using a guest account
  5. Players who are not friends don’t appear as clients in multiplayer sessions hosted by a mutual friend
  6. Sometimes button prompts switch between keyboard and gamepad if you are playing on a PC and have both inputs attached
  7. You could witness an “infinite loading screen” after joining someone else’s multiplayer session following reconnection to Xbox Live services while in a suspended state during single-player gameplay
  8. Sometimes you might not see the reward screen after finishing a mission. Neither might you get a reward
  9. The number of players shown on the Friends screen might not display the correct number of players in an online session
  10. The SFX volume settings don’t affect the Thundering and Electrified sound effects
  11. Nintendo Switch users could see incorrect button prompts on the user interface while using a single Joy-Con controller in local co-op
  12. A crash could occur on Xbox One after resuming the gameplay from standby mode during a loading screen

If you have encountered any bugs with the game, you can report it here.

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