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New travel requirements in Dubai make it compulsory to carry 2000 dirhams

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Various Indian and Pakistani airlines have begun flying back to Dubai for Dubai tourists who were stranded at the Dubai International Airport. These tourists were stranded after being denied entry for not following immigration requirements stated in the procedure. It is reported that several passengers were denied entry into Dubai for not carrying 2000 dirhams. Moreover, the new travel requirements make it compulsory for passengers to have a hotel booking and show a return ticket.

New travel requirements in Dubai make it compulsory to carry 2000 dirhams

Since the past few months, airlines and travel agents have been mindful to implement the entry requirements for passengers flying on tourist visas to Dubai. These new travel requirements include a confirmed return ticket, proof for hotel reservation and appropriate funds to support their journey.

Gulf News earlier reported that approximately 180 Pakistani passengers had been stranded at the Dubai International Airport since. These tourists were first stranded on Tuesday after which their numbers grew exponentially. About 300-500 passengers from Pakistan were reported to be stranded at the airport. This information was revealed by the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai.

“There were around 545 passengers who were stranded,” Consul General of Pakistan in Dubai, Ahmed Amjad Ali, said in a statement given to Gulf News on Thursday.“Our team has been at the airport to help people round the clock. We provided food also to the stranded passengers. We are working with the airlines to send them back in batches. As of now 169 passengers have been sent back,” he added.

Passengers must have a hotel booking and show a return ticket

Sources from airlines and travel agents have further revealed that there were hundreds of passengers belonging from different nationalities that were stranded. These passengers belonged mainly from the labor-sending Asian and African countries who fly to Dubai in order to find work and support their families back home. These passengers were denied entry for not having hotel booking and a return ticket on them.

On Thursday, the Indian Consulate in Dubai told Gulf News that the stranded passengers also included more than passengers from India. “We have come to notice that more than 100 passengers from India were stranded. Some of them were later cleared for entry while some were deported. The remaining people are in the process of being sent back to India. We were told that the food was provided by authorities and airlines. Our officials are at the airport to offer further assistance to them,” stated Neeraj Agrawal, consul for Press, Information and Culture.

One Indian passenger told the press that, ““We boarded the flight around 6.30pm. All our travel documents were in place. If we had been told to carry Dh2000 with us, we would have done that. But, there was no such instruction. When we reached here past 9.15pm last night, our passports were taken and we were not allowed entry.” According to different sources, passengers were denied entry in Dubai for not carrying 2000 dirhams.

“We have people outside to arrange the money. But we can’t do it without going outside. We can’t think of going back home in such a situation. We urge the authorities to help us,” he added. It is extremely harsh for Dubai to not allow entries if the passengers are not carrying 2000 dirhams. These new travel requirements should have been previously communicated.


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