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Edmonton Police Station Car Crash Videos Show What Happened In London

Edmonton police station car crash videos london
Source: Video Screenshot

According to reports and videos posted on social media, Edmonton police station in north London has been evacuated after a man crashed his car into the front side of the police station.

Police confirmed the accident by reportedly saying that the officers are dealing with an incident in North London after a car crashed into the Edmonton police station.

A cordon has been set up at the scene of the car crash incident as the Metropolitan Police begin an investigation, and the public have been asked to avoid Fore Street in north London.

According to the videos posted on social media, the police officers are seen arresting the man.

Metropolitan Police official Twitter account said this so far about the car crash incident:

  • 18:58hrs | A vehicle collided with the station office at Edmonton Police Station.
  • A man has been detained.
  • At this stage we have not been informed of any injuries.
  • More information as we get it.

Videos from Edmonton, London car crash incident:

Here’s how the whole event happened, according to videos posted on social media:

Video 1: Edmonton Police Station on Fore Street in North London evacuated after a car rammed into the station.

Video 2: Man is being arrested after crashing his car into the police station at Edmonton

Video 3 shows a man setting fire to the road in front of two crowded buses before being arrested by the police.

Video 4 shows the whole scenario where a man after ramming his car into the police station exited the vehicle and started pouring petrol on the road before lighting it on fire, he was immediately arrested by the police. 

Video 5: The moment when the car crashed into Edmonton Police station in London. The video further shows when the police officers took the person into custody.

According to the latest information provided by the Met Police, there are no injuries reported from the scene.

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