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Elon Musk puts BBC reporter on the spot: ‘Do you like BBC?’

BBC full inteArview with Elon Musk
Source: BBC Interview

During an interview with BBC reporter James Clayton, billionaire Elon Musk asked the journalist, “Do you like BBC?”

The reporter said he didn’t want to respond to that as he works for the BBC.

Elon Musk challenges BBC Reporter on Twitter’s alleged hate speech claims

Clayton echoed criticisms from mainstream media outlets about the rise of hate speech on Twitter since Musk purchased it in 2020, Fox News reported. 

Despite Clayton’s claims, the Twitter boss demanded evidence of specific examples of hate speech that Clayton had personally seen on the platform.

The journalist was unable to provide any examples, which led Musk to challenge him further. The billionaire asked Clayton to describe a specific instance of hate speech that he had seen on Twitter.

“You know, just content that will solicit a reaction, something that may include something is slightly racist, or slightly sexist – those kinds of things,” the journalist replied.

Musk inquired, “So you think if something is slightly sexist it should be banned? Is that what you’re saying?”

Clayton responded with, “No, I’m not saying anything.”

Elon Musk blasts journalist, saying ‘You can’t name a single example’

Musk probed the reporter, asking for an instance, to which Clayton faltered and confessed, “Honestly, I don’t – I don’t…” Musk found it amusing and inquired, “You can’t name a single example?”

The BBC reporter offered an explanation for his inability to provide examples, stating that he no longer uses the particular feed where he claims to have seen more hate speech.

Musk was skeptical and asked how he saw the hateful content if he wasn’t using that feed. The journalist clarified that he had been using Twitter since Musk took it over. Musk then asked for an example, but the journalist was unable to provide one.

The reporter struggled to defend his claims, prompting Musk to declare that he didn’t know what he was talking about. The journalist tried to change his initial claims, citing that many organizations say such information is on the rise.

The reporter then pointed to other outlets that have described the rise in hate speech. But Musk summarized the exchange by saying that the reporter claimed to have seen more hateful content but couldn’t name a single example, which he found absurd.

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