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Let’s Test Your Eyes: Can you find the hidden number in this image?

This eye test went viral in May 2019. Now it’s back again – since the majority of people are maintaining social distancing and due to lockdown many are at home. The time people spend on social media has reportedly increased. Therefore, a lot of people have started sharing different quizzes and games to overcome their boredom.

The viral eye test

If you ever doubt that your eyesight might have gotten worse, why not check your vision by this eye test. As many people comment on how accurate it is, it is not a shock to see the eye test has been making rounds on social media like, Facebook and Twitter recently.

Here is the image to test your eyes. There are four hidden numbers in this black and white image.

1240 eye test

Which four numbers do you see in this image?

3246: You are short-sighted and may have astigmatism.

3240: You have astigmatism but do not have short-sightedness.

1246: You only have short-sightedness but do not have astigmatism.

1240: Congratulations! You have perfect vision.

Bonus: There’s a website which in real test your vision, you can self-check your eyesight here.


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