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Facebook Status “Today is Friday, May 1, 2020” Is Going Viral In Pakistan

Facebook Status Today is Friday May 1 2020 Pakistan

A lot of Facebook users, including people in my friends’ list are sharing this viral post on their Facebook statuses. The Facebook status starts with words, “Today is Friday, May 1st, 2020.”

If you write the exact words on the Facebook search bar and hit enter, you will notice how many around you, or in your friends’ list are sharing the exact same post.

Here is the full Facebook status on that is going viral right now:

Today is Friday, May 1st, 2020.

– We are at 43+ days of social isolation and completely lockdown.

– The dollar is worth 161PKR, the euro 175 Pkr and the pound 200 PKR.

– Petrol price is 81 RP/Ltr.

– Schools have been closed since mid March and are teaching remotely on-line. This will continue for the rest of the school year (maybe).

-Only general stores, bakery, milkshops and marts are allowed to open from 9:00 Am to 5:00 PM.

– There are lines / tapes inside the stores to keep people 6 feet apart and directing people which way to walk.

-Restaurants only for home delivery & pick-up.

– Parks, beaches and walk-in places are not accessible to the public. CLOSED!

– All sports competitions have been cancelled.

– All festivals and entertainment events have been banned.

-Even Ramadan taraveehs are banned for public including Jummah prayers and 5 times prayer at mosque.

– Weddings, family celebrations and birthdays have been cancelled. Funerals limited to 10 people or less onky relatives allowed.

– People are doing only Nikka ceremony in their homes.

– Young kids can’t understand why they can only see grandparents & other extended family and friends on a screen or thru a window if someone visits in person.

– We have to stay away from each other more than a meter.

– Shortage of masks and gloves in hospitals.

– There are fewer ventilators than there should be.

– People are wearing masks, some places even REQUIRE that you wear them to enter! People are even making their own masks for sale or donation to medical facilities!

– Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and anything Lysol or Clorox is in short supply and limited 1 per person…. IF you can even find them!

– Australia, USA, Canada, UAE and Europe almost all countries have closed their borders.

– No one is travelling for leisure. Airports empty. Tourism has the worst crisis in history.

-Till now 3.1 million Covid-19 actives cases and 219k People deaths and 900k recovered patients.

-USA alone has 1million Active corona patients and 60k deaths.

Why do I post this?

Next year & then every year after, this status will appear in my Facebook memories feed. And it will be an annual reminder that life is precious & that nothing should be taken for granted. We are where we are with what we have. Let’s be grateful.

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