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Fact Check: DC Blackout Trend On Twitter Is Fake News

Dc Blackout trend

According to alleged reports, Twitter users claim that President Trump’s administration is responsible for the jammed signals in Washington DC, causing a total media blackout. While still on that, a new trend has started on Twitter – this time, it’s about the blackout in Washington DC.

DC Blackout Trends On Twitter

Amid claims that Trump’s Administration is responsible for the sudden signal jam in Washington DC, a new trend with the hashtag DC blackout has started. Although there have been a lot of contradicting complaints so far on the trend, we have come with a few of them.

Initially, some users complained about trying to put calls through to their relatives in DC, but all their efforts proved abortive.

According to some other users, posts relating to the current situation in Washington DC are getting removed on Twitter.

Also, users complained about accounts getting hacked and used by bots to send posts that contradict the situation of things in Washington DC. Let’s have a look at some of the complaints so far:

According to a tweet on Cubzy’s Twitter account,

“Yeah…… as someone seeing #dcblackout trending, who lives and works in the DC metro area? And who has friends, telecommuting into DC rn?…. This hashtag looks like misinformation. “No social media from DC” because we were asleep. Stop scaring people. #dcsafe”

However, the user came out, claiming that her account was hacked and that she didn’t post anything relating to that. Take a look at the screenshot below:


Here’s what another user, @raincloudddd posted about the dc blackout:

“#dcblackout they are using bots, the protesters are not okay, some bad shit happened”

DC Blackout Trend Fact-Check:

While we are not so certain about the cause of the DC blackout reports, a user claimed the issue relates to the ongoing protest in the country and everything is under control.

The Twitter user, @YourAnonCentral aka Anonymous claimed everything is in order in Washington DC after using the #DCsafe hashtag to study the accounts of users hacked by the so-called bot. Here’s what the user concluded below:

“The overall goal of the campaign appears to be to instill panic & fear to deter future protests. There’s no evidence that protesters have been killed. Also, no evidence of a sustained internet cut off. DC people report things are normal.”

“Half of the protestors were arrested and the other half may be asleep, (don’t panic, just wait.). We cannot tell the origin of the botnet that pushed this. But they did pull a fast one on us and we apologize if we failed to spot them sooner.”

Many reporters we contacted also said that Washington DC media blackout stories are inaccurate.

According to Twitter events, this is what’s happening:

– Claims circulated that phones were jammed and cameras were turned off following the DC protests on Sunday night
– Many in the area immediately pointed out that the claims were false and that one of the images used was taken from a TV show.

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