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Citizens in Germany will be forced to quarantine at hospitals

Forced quarantine hospitals Germany Baden-Württemberg

According to recent reports, the first federal state in Germany has agreed on forced admissions of citizens who had refused to quarantine themselves. Hospitals are being specifically set up for this very purpose. The global pandemic is making matters worse in Baden-Württemberg, the patients number appear to be higher in the German state. Therefore, difficult decisions need to be made to curb the spread of the deadly virus. The government is to set up two or three forced quarantine hospitals in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Forced quarantine hospitals in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

An OSINT account tweeted, “NEW – The first federal state in Germany agreed on the forced admission of citizens who stubbornly refuse quarantine. Certain hospitals are to be set up specifically for this purpose.” The hospitals will accommodate those citizens who refused to quarantine as per government identified protocols. This was agreed upon by the Health Minister and Interior Minister after a lengthy discussion today. Both Ministers took adequate steps in order to curb the spread of the virus, given the present situation.

The government has mandated orders that citizens of Thuringia should celebrate New Year’s eve and Christmas with their closest family. The government does not want the country to fall prey to the second wave. The state parliament and municipalities are playing a key role in enacting the ordinance.

Following the agreement between the Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), important directives have been issued in the form of Thuringian Corona Ordinance. The Ordinance states that a maximum number of five citizens can meet from two households, this restriction is to be strictly complied with. However, this limit does not include children aged under 14.

German government imposes strict restrictions

These restrictions are to be extended in the Free state, a new regulation is also likely to be passed somewhere around December 19. The Ministry of the Interior has strongly urged that those citizens who refused quarantine should be strictly admitted to a central clinic in the country. The hospitals will be set up in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The German law and enforcement authorities have maintained a strong stance against those who defy the pandemic protocols. A few weeks ago, Mr. Andreas Noack was arrested from his house. He was arrested because he had been a prominent member in non-compliance advocacy of lockdown. Germany had earlier passed the “Infection Protection Law” after the outbreak to impose strict lockdown measures.

These forced quarantine hospitals will serve as a prison for stubborn citizens who refused to comply with quarantine guidelines. This measure and restriction on freedom demonstrate the strict stance taken by the German government. This also indicates the severity of the global pandemic. At a time like this, people should try their absolute best to comply with government guidelines. Since these regulations are enacted for the greater good of the greatest number.

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