Google Pixel 4a echo or distortion on calls while using earphones reported by users

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Multiple users reported issues with Google Pixel 4a echo or distortion on calls while using earphones. Users only hear their own voice when calls are made through the default dialer app.

The issue occurs when their devices are paired to wired headsets or earphones. However, there are no distortions while using other calling apps or platforms like WhatsApp, Discord or Facebook Messenger. 

Users annoyed by Google Pixel 4a echo or distortion on calls with earphones after Android 13 update

The latest issue of distortion on calls is troubling many users of the Google Pixel 4a. The issue has come up after the release of the Android 13 update. 

Users have been hearing an echo during calls while using headphones. Many posted on Reddit and asked for a solution. 

“I use a Pixel 5a for the 3.5mm jack since I’m in meetings all the time and use wired headphones. I updated to Android 13 and now every time on the phone I hear myself, they are so sensitive I can even hear myself breathing,” a user posted.

The issue did not exist on Android 12 so it is possible that something must have changed to how calls on headphones work in 13.

After updating to Android 13, I’m hearing echo(my own voice) in earphones during calls. I’m still wondering if it’s a bug or a feature. Feels weird though,” a user took it to Reddit.

“Earpods – I hear my voice during a regular call (all is okay via Whatsapp etc.). After the last update to v13, I can’t speak because mic monitoring is always on,” another person posted.

A lot of frustrated users have shared their concerns and asked others for a solution. The bug with phone call distortion is not exactly new. It existed prior to the beta testing phase and continues to frustrate Google Pixel 4a users.

Google resolves issue “internally”

Acknowledging users’ complaints, Google had marked the issue as ‘Assigned’ on the issue tracker. 

As per the Google issue tracker, the bug has been fixed internally and a fix for all the users will arrive soon in a future update. The update of issue resolution was posted on Friday. 


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