Google Adds Website URL To Call Ads

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During the event to rename the “Call Only Ads” to Call Ads, Google announced making a change to the features of the service. It says there’s a change to the Google call ads, which will now offer advertisers the option to include their website URL. The idea is to provide customers with options to reach out to the business, especially when there’s a high call volume causing them to wait for long.

What Changes Will Website URL Bring To Google Call Ads

Before this change, the functionality of Google call ads is only limited to a single click on headlines, with an automatic dial on the advertiser’s number. While that’s cool, most people often accidentally click on headlines, resulting in unwanted calls. So, in a way to address the issue and some other ones, Google introduced the addition of the website URL. Although the new feature is an option, Google advises that customers should make use of it to help reduce accidental clicks.

Apart from that, Google further explained that adding a website URL will help to expand the size of Call Ads and improve its visibility on SERP. Also, users can only get directed to the site if they tap on the ad link. However, tapping on any other place will automatically initiate a phone call, as long as you’re using a smartphone.

How To Set-up New Google Call Ads

Just like in search ads, there’s now a recommended Final URL field for you to add your website link when setting up call ads. It’s way different from the verification URL field for verifying phone numbers.

How To Set-up New Google Call Ads

The new feature was added yesterday, meaning that you may go ahead and update your google call ads with your website URL. According to Google support, here’s the step by step instructions on how to set-up the new call ads:

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account
  • Click on the Ads & Extensions icon
  • Then, click Ads
  • Click the plus button and select Call ad
  • Click Select an ad group to save your ad and choose which ad group you want
  • Enter:
      • Two headlines (optional, but recommended)
      • Your business name and phone number (required)
      • Two descriptions (the second description is optional)
      • Your Final URL (optional, but recommended)
      • Your Verification URL (optional if a Final URL is provided)
      • A display path (optional)
      • Your display URL and verification URL (optional)
  • Under “Conversion action,” select a conversion action.
  • Click Save new ad

For more information about setting up your call ads, you can read here.

How The New Call Ads Look Like To Customers

The new Google call ads now offer a display path option for users to enjoy the benefits that come with the Final website URL. Here’s how the call ad looks like on customers’ screens.

How The New Call Ads Look Like To Customers

Also, Google advises advertisers to track calls on the website by utilizing a phone call conversion tracking. That’ll enable them to see how effective their ads lead to phone calls on their website. The website call conversion tracking is also effective to help advertisers measure calls from their sites. You can also keep in touch with us for more updates on Google services.


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