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Grave incident related to COVID-19 reported in North Korea

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Something major has happened in North Korea, according to the report of South Korean News Agency, Yonhap News. Initially the report says, “N.K. leader says ‘grave incident’ has happened due to lapse in anti-epidemic efforts.

North Korea’s state media reports via Yonhap News that Kim Jong-Un has criticised relevant officials for their “incompetence and irresponsibility” due to lapse in Covid-19 efforts thus giving rise to a “grave incident” which is creating a “major crisis.”

According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong-Un made the remarks as he presided over an extended Politburo meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party on Tuesday, accusing senior officials of neglecting their duties in carrying out efforts needed to combat the global pandemic.

Officials in charge have caused a grave incident that poses a huge crisis to the safety of the nation and its people by ignoring important decisions of the party in its national emergency antivirus fight in preparations for a global health crisis, Korean Central News Agency reports.

According to reports, North Korean leader summoned elected members of the Politburo Standing Committee. However, details of the personnel were not disclosed.

UPDATE: Kim Jong-un has sacked top North Korean officials after Covid-19-related grave incident, AFP reports quoting KCNA.

Earlier, there were reports that North Koreans are ‘heartbroken’ by Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un’s weight loss.

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