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Greta Thunberg fined again for Sweden port protest

Greta Thunberg denies public order offence after London arrest
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A Swedish court on Wednesday imposed another fine on climate activist Greta Thunberg, convicting her for having resisted arrest during a July protest that blocked traffic at the port city.

She was handed a fine of 5,500 kroner (475 euros), journalists in court reported. She took part in the protest just after having received her first fine for an identical protest in June.

“This shows precisely the flaws in our system,” said Thunberg, speaking to reporters following the verdict.

“Those who try to defend people, the planet and life are the ones who face these kinds of legal consequences.”

Those who were responsible for climate change, on the other hand, were destroying the planet with impunity, she added.

Thunberg was wearing a T-shirt reading “Stand up for science”.


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