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Moscow man accused of ‘discrediting’ army with hair colour

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A man who went to a Moscow police station to report being beaten was instead accused there of “discrediting” the Russian army because his hair was dyed in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag, rights groups said Tuesday.

Moscow has cracked down on any dissent since its troops entered Ukraine in 2022.

The OVD-Info rights group said Stanislav Netesov, a Russian whose hair is dyed blue, yellow and green, went to a Moscow police station over the weekend, after being attacked at a bus stop.

“The police officers decided that Netesov’s hairstyle symbolises Ukraine and discredits the Russian army, drawing up a protocol against him,” OVD-Info said.

The police officers also gave Netesov a notice for a draft enlistment centre, OVD-Info said.

Russia has punished thousands for criticising the Kremlin’s Ukraine offensive.

Also over the weekend, a 67-year-old Moscow paediatrician, Nadezha Buyanova, was sent to prison for two months after being accused of spreading “fake” information on the Russian army after a complaint by a widow of a soldier killed in Ukraine, her lawyer Oskar Cherdzhiyev said over the weekend.

In February, Buyanova was charged with spreading fake information on the Russian army before being released, with a ban of using a phone and the internet.

Rights groups said a Moscow court hardened her punishment, sending her to jail for not reporting her movements.

The case against Buyanova was launched after Anastasia Akinshina, the widow of a soldier, came to her with her son and later published a video claiming the doctor had said her husband was a “legitimate target for Ukraine.”

Buyanova has denied using these words and rights groups have said no audio of the conversation was presented in court.

Security services raided her flat in February, with a photo of Buyanova standing amid her belongings and papers thrown on the floor shared on social media.

She was also fired from the Moscow clinic where she worked.


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