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Hive Social ‘search bar’ not working for many users

Hive Social search bar not working
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Multiple Hive Social users are reporting that the ‘search bar’ is bugged or not working correctly.

Hive Social is one of the trendiest names in the social platform space right now. Many people are now seeing it as a possible replacement for Twitter.

As the Hive Social network is still in its early stages, there is much room for improvement. Users, for example, have experienced crashes, email verification difficulties, and other issues.

Reports of Hive Social ‘search bar’ not working

According to several complaints, the current state of the Hive Social search bar is relatively immature and can be improved. Many users are reporting difficulties finding other people on the network.

Even typing the username of the person you’re looking for gives no results.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the issue but is there a planned fix for not being able to find certain people when searching?” a user posted.

“I am one of those that can’t be found. I did message your support, but never got a response. Maybe it got lost in the void? I already changed my @ twice not knowing what I was doing wrong, so that I am stuck with a handle no one can find,” another user posted their complaint.

The issue affects not just other users’ searches, but also subjects or postings. When trying to look for nearly anything, many users get a blank screen of results.

Possible workarounds

The Hive Social search bar is undoubtedly in its infancy and needs significant improvement in order to compete with other major platforms. There are, however, a few tips that will make it a lot easier for you to use the site.

When searching for a specific profile, you can only locate it by its nickname. That is, if you use a real name with spaces in between, it will not display in the results.

Some users suggested avoiding the use of ‘@’ symbol to search for profiles. “When typing a user’s nickname, avoid using capitals as the search bar is currently case-sensitive (and all nicknames are lowercase),” the Hive Social team also recommended. The company is also working on a fix.

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