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Hostage situation reported at Bruges Prison in Belgium

hostage prison Bruges

Hostage-taking situation underway at Bruges Prison in Belgium on Wednesday afternoon, local police reported.

Reportedly, a prisoner with a knife is holding a guard hostage in his cell. Special forces have reached the scene and set up a perimeter with a heavy police squad.

Possibly, it could be a detainee who allegedly took a guard hostage but the police were not yet sure to confirm this. The area has been closed.

The current Bruges Prison Complex opened in 1991 and is home to both male and female prisoners.

The local police in Bruges confirmed to HLN that there is one person made hostage and a hostage-taker, but cannot comment more about the circumstances. The incident occurred during the walk.

According to the mayor of Bruges, Dirk De fauw (CD&V), the hostage-taker is a female guard of Kosovar origin found guilty of murder.

During the walk, the woman kept a homemade weapon under the supervisor’s throat.

The area around the prison was completely closed down. “The Federal Police Special Response Team is there and has started negotiations.” informed the prison administration in the newspaper.


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