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How to Grow Your YouTube Channel and Get Many Organic Views

Grow, by its very definition, means to become larger or increase over a period of time. When it comes to growth in our business or our YouTube channel views, it’s up to us to determine what our goals for that timeframe will be.

When you speak growth into the mainframe, do you anticipate rapid growth, or are you reaching the net out several years for an organic one? Remember that this technique certainly takes time. You likely won’t increase astronomically overnight, although it is always a possibility.

If you’re looking for valuable insight to help your YT channel grow organically with views, we’ve got the props for you! Find all you need below.

What is the Attraction Factor?

Have you ever clicked on something and been instantly drawn in? What about your favorite TV series that you absolutely must watch every new episode? It’s much the same with YT. You create a specific atmosphere designed for a crowd that gets it. But there has to be some sort of initial appeal. What will draw those viewers into you?

This is all about the magnetization factor. First, you bait the viewer, then you hook the viewer, and before you know it, they are stuck! And it’s not just on a single video, hopefully. With any luck, that view will become a conversion to a follower and then to a subscriber.

Of course, the view count numbers do matter, and it’s that number that will help spread your fame. Sadly, there are individuals who will notice a video has only a few views and then ignore it. Your treasured creation just needs some traffic willing to give it a chance! How will you attract them?

Throw Down Some Cash

There comes a time when you will have to make some decisions for your budget. You may have to spend a bit of money to turn a corner. There are different ways to invest, and you should investigate many options.

You can buy views to help boost a video organically. When you buy organic YouTube views, reputable companies use the help of real viewers to trickle in plays. It’s a win for you because the view number increases, helping you gain that validity and traction that you really need.

Some other valuable expenditures include things like improving your equipment, investing in collaboration, spending a bit on advertising or marketing, and other similar things. You can operate on a small budget in all of these areas. Just be mindful of your spending comfort level and work within that realm. You don’t have to break the bank.

Review and Adjust

One thing you should know right away is that not every single aspect will soar with viewers. You will have some attempts that fall on deaf ears while others excel in the viewing world. You should analyze these and then make adjustments to benefit and improve your channel.

You will always see some fluctuation, but you can take action to try to prevent massive viewing loss. For example, if you noticed one video has a substantial amount of natural views, but the next is a flop, you need to try to pinpoint what happened.

YT has valuable analytic tools that you can use in this scenario. Review reports and viewing statistics and break them down. What type of people were viewing your content? Where is the downfall in this video versus another that excelled?

Try to determine if it was something you did or said in the video. Maybe you took one approach that really hit it off with the people. Maybe the next video you posted just had bad timing, or people weren’t impressed with the approach or concepts behind it.

Review the reports and analytics and then make adjustments based on your findings in doing so.

Formats and Optimization Tools

Next up, if you want organic viewing growth, you need to entice through the use of valuable keywords, descriptors, and invitations. Use the valuable tools that YouTube provides to entice viewers.

The first is your description. You have a set number of characters you can use here, so create a short snippet that makes this video sound worthwhile to people. Make it catching and interesting but make it short and simple too.

Your video titles will also substantiate viewers. A title needs to make them want to hit play. So often, the title could make or break your audience and the likelihood of getting another view.

Keep Them Entertained

Yes, you want high numbers of views, but you also want viewers that last. One thing that analytics look at is whether a viewer watched a certain percentage of said video. This means that you need to find some way to attract and then keep a viewer hooked and engaged throughout a good majority of your video.

Whether you have teasers throughout where you leave people hanging until the end, or you have some other tactic. The goal is to get viewers to stay on the video for several minutes, or for over half of the viewing time, really. It’s great if you can keep them to the bitter end!

Step Outside of YT

One considerable piece of information you need to tap into is the fact that there are other platforms out there. Don’t get us wrong, in this case, your focus is YouTube. But you can utilize other platforms to help bring people to YouTube.

Integrate your YT channel into Instagram or Facebook, and then use those platforms to try to get a conversion to a viewer. You can reach far more people that are just scrolling through there. People love to watch a good video. If you can attract them, they will click your link and view it. That’s a major success!

Do things right on YouTube but don’t be afraid to also then step outside of YT and use other platforms to try to draw more viewers in. It’s a great way to increase your growth additionally.

Make Lasting Friendships

Your viewers are going to become your closest friends. Or at least they should if you want them to be returners over and over. Getting people to come back and watch your videos again or watch the next creation you put out is important. You need loyalty to continue your momentum.

One great way to accomplish this is to grow the relationships with those viewers. If they’re leaving comments, you should take the time to engage with them. Respond to commenters. Learn to have conversations.

Maybe you can host some live videos with Q&A segments or other fun interactive approaches. Little things that let those viewers know they are valued can make a huge difference. It’s all about growing lasting friendships and relationships with people, even though you may never meet in person.

Collaborate and Listen

Finally, use resources around you. Learn to gather inspiration from others. Find methods to integrate, collaborate, and work with surrounding authors to make improvements for both of you. Collaboration and inspiration are great ways to find some growth potential and take your status to the next level.

Views are what you’re looking for. In the process, you might meet new people, learn valuable insights, and find innovative means to drive your channel to success.


Each of us measures success in very different ways. For one creator, it might be 10 views, while for another, it might be 1,000. We are all simply striving to make headway and seek improvement and betterment. The end game is to make it one step farther than before and continue to grow in that space.

Use these valuable tips and tools to help you find organic viewing growth and success in the market. There are many different resources and options out there. Put them to use and see where it leads you.


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