How to Hire a Hacker To Penetration Test Your Website

Every year, hundreds of companies are attacked by hackers. In some cases, everything ends with banal viruses, which experts quickly eliminate. Often such attacks end in the theft of money, classified data or corporate information. In this case, things are already much more complicated, because the company suffers serious losses, both in terms of finances and in terms of reputation. To prevent such threats, they resort to the help of hackers to personally “attack” the client’s system in order to identify vulnerabilities. After all, who would be better “to sew boots than a shoemaker”? So, it’s not uncommon to hire a network pirate to conduct a penetration test. And here an important question arises: how to find an ethical hacker who can protect a company from threats such as DDoS – fraud and attacks.

Luckily, there is a blueprint to help businesses find a qualified hacker who can identify all vulnerabilities, fix them, and increase security to the highest level possible.

First steps towards finding an ethical hacker

Before you start looking for a site security specialist, you need to understand the importance of cyber security penetration testing services. Trying to save money, you can run into much larger losses in the future. And no less risky is the search for a network pirate. If you contact the wrong person, you can also fail, because he is able to leave a loophole for himself. Next, we will analyze point by point how to find an ethical hacker and start with the preparatory stage, which includes the following points:

  1. Assess the risks. You should not save on an experienced specialist, trusting the IT team formed within the company. The latter do a good job, but it’s worth recognizing that no one will attack the system better and find all the gaps in it faster than a real hacker. So, it’s worth comparing the risks of a company’s data leakage and the cost of a hacker’s services. If hiring a specialist is justified, then you should not put the matter aside.
  2. Determine the needs for protection against external threats. It is necessary to clearly define the mission for the new employee in order to immediately narrow the circle of candidates.
  3. Offer competitive wages. You should not assume that a hacker will come running at your first call, because a good specialist will always have a lot of orders. In order for him to choose you, you will have to offer more than your competitors. You need to be financially prepared for this.
  4. Look through the lists of freelancers. Sometimes a good network pirate can be found on the freelance exchange. Such workers will cost less, and feedback on their work will help to see the big picture and make sure whether it is safe to work with a particular candidate.

After the preparatory moments are settled, we proceed directly to the search for a hacker.

How to choose a hacker for site penetration testing?

Only four tips will help you to choose an ethical burglar who will carry out the procedure with high quality, quickly and safely. To do this, we adhere to the following rules:

  1. Search for a hacker on Certified Ethical Hacker. The International Council of e-Commerce Consultants conducted statistics in the circles of companies that are looking for IT specialists to increase the protection of sites and found that many of them turn to the help of hackers. In this regard, a special certification of such specialists was created, which is referred to as “CEH certification”. If the selected candidate can demonstrate such a document, then there is no doubt that it will be absolutely safe to work with him.
  2. Market research for ethical hackers. There are specific sites whose safety is confirmed by reviews of real people. For example, and on the site Hackers List you can find conscientious online pirates.
  3. Competition of skilled hackers. This approach will allow you to attract several candidates to the company at once, interview them, study their resumes and work examples, which will allow you to make the most correct choice.
  4. Training within the company. You can also go down the path of training your IT specialist to deal with hacking. In this case, he will be able to do all the same work that a real cracker would do.

After the candidate is selected, it is necessary to thoroughly check him for online crimes and communicate with businessmen who have already cooperated with him.

Typically, enterprise software development services are accompanied by a subsequent security check. It is important that you immediately protect yourself and your company from any hacks, information leaks and other serious business problems.

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